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Archived Post 03-30-2010 07:42 PM

The game needs to run client side so the controls aren't so clunky and slugish
I'm pretty sure the way the game runs client to server to game interaction is that it will take any button press or action and then tell the server and then tell the game to display those results. Which is great for reducing exploits but the regular game player often notices lag and clunky controls

I think this has also added significant difficulty to The Infected mission where a jumping Challenge at the end requires a player to time jumps at the correct time or else fall into a hazard die and force the team to restart their attempt.

Despite the increased opportunity to exploit ******** has managed to give some control to the players clients for where the player is and is moving without much if any trouble which makes gameplay smoother than STO right now. It also allows Blizzard to have more hazards for players to interact with and not run into control problems.

I also don't think it would be appropriate to the engine in it's current state to make situations with a lot of hazards because the further away from the server a client is the worse they will perform due to delayed reactions from lag, and even near by clients still experience delay as the server arbitrates every action.

This problem needs to be addressed as a significantly serious problem to STO because of the above issues and because games have to have good controls before anything else.

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