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Memory Alpha Crafting Guide
I've been searching the forums trying to find a guide for n00bs, but haven't found what I'm after yet.

I was just wanting a basic 1) Do this, 2) Do that guide to get through all the tiers with as little 'waste' as possible.

Do anyone know if such a guide exists? And if so where might I find it?

Thanks :)

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only one if ound was this

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Originally Posted by Fetz (Post 2493538)

The link has good info, so far. As far as getting to tier 3, you have to spend around 450k in Eng and Sci, and 100k in Tact. My suggestion is to WAIT until you have reached RA5 and start to become bored before you attempt to knock out the T3 crafting. It can go one of two ways, be expensive or be time consuming if you attempt to do it before then.

One thing you can do is check the exchange for certain items that will help you unlock tier 3 before you reach RA. Covariant Shield Array Mk VI is the faster item to craft to complete, I believe Sci. Eng is Impulse Engines Mk VI, there will be an abunance on exchange since they come standard on Capt Ships. And Tact craft Plamsa Beam Arrays, Plasma cannons, and Plasma Torpedo Launchers, all Mk VI items. DON'T waste data on Mk IV items, unless you want to actually equip them while you're a Lt C. Also, there is no rush to unlock all 3 until after they show what improvements they have made, cause as of now they are not too great, or anything special.

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Been RA5 for a month or so now. Already bored, very bored ;)

Tried levelling a Klingon too, but that's just total pants atm so I'm waiting for more content.

I'll maybe just get Tier 1 and 2 done for now then. Thanks :)

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Have you looked at this thread???

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