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Archived Post 04-08-2010 12:42 AM

3 Stooges Online, the Ground Combat Saga
From their secret base located under a toxic dump, the highly radiated, hardly sane, Cryptic team has unveiled their ultimate weapon against fun and immersion! The dreaded 3 Stooges Cloning Chamber!

Moe of Borg, Larry the Cardassian, and Curly 'Dar Master' Destroyer of Hope have been unleashed into your PC in infinite numbers!

Starship Captains across the quadrant will feel like their eyes have been poked by mysterious unseen fingers and their heads will hurt as if struck by an invisible hammer as endless waves of Stooges greet anyone stupid enough to beam off their starships.

Moe of Borg, "We are your Content, lower your standards and prepare to be astounded."

Try to beam away, but you can't.

Hours of slapstick keystone cop combat await.

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