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Archived Post 04-08-2010 12:09 PM

Episodes that are more like episodes
It seems to me that just about every episode of any Star Trek series or movie (excluding DS9 for obvious reasons) has at least some activity on the captain's own ship. It doesn't seem that it should be such a stretch to at least add some basic internal maps for each type/tier of ship along with common hubs (sick bay, brig, engineering, etc.)

I know it'd take resources on the server and locally, but since it's instanced and you can only be in one instance at a time, it shouldn't be any more of a strain than a solo ground engagement.

I just think that adding mission steps that have you visit an area of your own ship, as well as full episodes like "find the spy" or "stop the non-humanoid allien from leaching our [life force/warp core/etc]" would add more flavor froim the show and make your ship feel more like a place than a HUD.

Just a suggestion.

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