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Archived Post 04-10-2010 08:37 PM

Fed vs. Klingon PvP Daily mission rewards
Maybe this has been posted before, but why do the daily PvP quests on Federation and KDF not have the same rewards?

Fed "Pacify Klingon Heroes (Daily)" reward:
516 Skill Points + 495 BO Skill Points + 588 Starfleet Merits + 5 Marks of Honor

Klingon "Dominate the Heroes of the Enemy (Daily)" reward:
5 Marks of Honor (no honor or other points)

Is this a display bug or an oversight? The random B'Eta quests don't give anywhere near the same amount of points for completion, even cumulatively. Both sides get the same "Win 15" quests so those cancel out - I think - I haven't actually checked that the point rewards are equal.

Do I bug this or is it a known issue/non issue?

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