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Biography of Nishka Morganth
A while ago I decided to write a biography involving my captain and her bridge officers. I figured this might entertain other roleplayers so I've decided to post it here. :D

My characters biography on STO can be found here.

This is only a summarized version though since we have are limited by a certain number of characters. Here I want to post the full version of my biography and the bridge officers biography.

Note that even though I'm flying in the USS Corvus my roleplaying ship is the USS Corintha now (Discovery class) and I'll be using Captain as highest rank. I'm thinking of writing a journal with in-game missions and adventures that I have with my fleet mates and bridge officers.
Btw, the 12th fleet is also looking for more people interested in roleplaying with us, or even joining us as roleplayers. We have an active community and it'd be fun to see more roleplayers join us. ;)

Bridge crew USS Corintha
Nishka Carmen Morganth, Captain
Naomi Hunter, Commander (medic)
Kinjo, Lieutenant (tactical)
Morpheus Mar'Tok, Lieutenant junior grade (engineer) part 1 part 2
Shiva Maya Mar'Tok, Ensign (engineer) (sister of Morpheus)
Kheituso Kohrath, Lieutenant Commander (engineer)
Aerith Samantha Kohrath, Lieutenant Commander (tactical) (wife of Kheituso)
Catherine Nyssa Detul, Lieutenant Commander (science)
Rayne Luna Delanga, Ensign (tactical)
Chayenne Natasha Davids, Ensign (engineer)
Darcia Serina Thrax, Lieutenant junior grade (science)

Name: Nishka Carmen Morganth
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Born: Stardate 60602.82 (30 December 2382)
Birth Place: Betazed, Medara
Carreer: Scientist, Doctor
Rank: Fleet Captain
Ship: USS Corintha
Ship Class: Discovery class
Fleet: The 12th Fleet
- Exobiology
- Microbiology

Major accomplishments:
- Graduated from Starfleet Academy with honours at the top of her class.
- Wrote a controversial thesis about the mutations and evolutions of virusses under planetary and sterile conditions.
- Discovered a succesful vaccine for the Black Devil Virus (scientific notation BD987.A01) and a cure for the Xurilian Plague strain #3 (XP613.A03).
- Succesfully dealt with the Borg threat that was threatening the Vega colony.

Born in an era of galactic unrest Nishka decided to leave the noble house Morganth behind on Betazed to join the Federation at stardate 77718.4 (11 February 2400) at the age of 17, wanting to explore the galaxy rather then staying in the lushful gardens of Medara.

Having been a talented empath from an early age she decided to become a doctor shortly after joining the Federation. Due to her intelligent nature and great curiousity she quickly mastered the basic studies and was promising student at Starfleet Academy.

After a guest lecture at the Academy about USS Voyagers adventures in the Delta Quadrant, given by the sentient artificial life form known as The Doctor, she became inspired to explore the universe and seek out new life forms who are in need of medical support and cures for their diseases. Especially the horrors of the Vidiian Phage and the found cure for it was something she became interested in.

While on an away mission at stardate 80044.04 (9 June 2402) Cadet Nishka was ambushed on an unexplored planet by a Gorn raid party. She was left behind for dead after being severely wounded and was the only surviving member of the away team.
An unknown telepathic species found her body a day later. After reading her mind and understanding her intentions they nurtured her back to health, leaving without giving her the chance to thank them and say goodbye.
A short time later she managed to return to her ship USS Diplomacy and became more motivated then ever before to set out and explore the galaxy, wanting to find the species that saved her and thank them for their rescue.
After her encounter with this species her telepathic ability started to develop more as well, until then she was only limited telepathically gifted. This gave her a better understanding in the thoughts of others, however Nishka also follows the ethical Betazoid code of not invading the privacy of somebodies mind without their permission if she can help it.

On stardate 81295.71 (9 September 2403) Nishka graduated from her Cadet training with honours at Starfleet Academy, having completed her doctor studies in just 4,5 Earth years, rather then the standard 6 years this study normally requires.

On stardate 81300.61 (11 September 2403) Nishka was assigned to the USS Jupiter at the rank of Ensign. As a promising recruit she was a great help for Lieutenant commander Marks, the chief medical officer of USS Jupiter. It is here that Nishka specialized Exobiology and Microbiology, taking great intrest in how micro organisms develop in alien bodies.

On stardate 83001.95 (24 May 2405) Nishka temporarily left her starship to further her studies of Exobiology and Microbiology at the Vulcan Academy of Sciences, after receiving an honoured guest invitation. A published thesis with an unique controversial insight in how virusses mutate and evolve under planetary and sterile conditions received the interest of the Vulcans and they wanted to learn more about Nishkas studies.
Some scientist even claimed that her thesis, published on stardate 82973.77 (14 May 2405), was the biggest controversial paper published since Darwins book "On the Origin of Species" published on Earth at 24 November 1859.
Nishka took the opportunity at the Vulcan Academy of Sciences to further her specializations as well, studying among the great minds of the Vulcans. Her telepathy was of great help here since she received private lectures from the greatest minds in far shorter times then vocal lectures would take. Because of the telepathic lectures she managed to understand their ideas, theories and understandings also far better then what would normally be possible. This caused her to gain new insights and she wrote several papers that are held in high regards in the scientific community during her time at the Academy.

After studying on Vulcan for about 1,5 year Nishka returned to her ship the USS Jupiter on stardate 84363.52 (4 October 2406). Lieutenant commander Marks requested that she became his main assistant after her return, a position she gladly accepted. Due to her knowledge she had the main responsibility whenever a crewman or visited species was infected with an unknown virus.

On stardate 85400.46 (17 October 2407) Nishka was transfered to the USS Vulcania after being promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. The USS Vulcania had lost their medic officer in an armed conflict with the Klingons while defending a Starfleet outpost. There she became the chief medical officer after having proving her worth on the USS Jupiter in the previous years. Due to her empathic and telepathic abilities she turned into a great doctor who always showed great care for her patients, instinctively understanding the cause of their distress.
At that time she was one of the lowest ranking chief medical officers aboard a starship, a position that usually takes a lot more years to achieve.

On stardate 85845.09 (28 March 2408) Ensign Kinjo was critically injured while on an away mission. The M class planet the away team was visiting also inhabited an unknown virus which infected Kinjo's body. Due to Nishka's expertise his life was saved, where it would have been lost if another doctor was present. Nishka became good friends with this Vulcan and even romantically involved.

On stardate 86433.05 (28 October 2408) the USS Vulcania was assigned to the 12th Fleet, due to ever increasing hostility from the Klingon empire and their allies. The USS Vulcania is temporarily removed from her exploration mission to meet up with the fleet and prepare for an all out conflict with the Klingons. Nishka's medical expertise will most likely be in great demand.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Vega colony was under attack by the Borg. During this incident all the officers, including Captain Qat'Anmek, aboard the USS Vulcania were killed by the Borg, except for Nishka who was on another starship at the time and Kinjo who heroicly managed to fight off the Borg and save his own life.
Since Nishka was now the highest commanding officer aboard the ship she took command of the USS Vulcania and promoted Kinjo to her tactical bridge officer.
After succesfully dealing with the Borg threat Nishka was promoted to Lieutenant by Admiral Quinn and given permanent command of the USS Vulcania.

After a long tour of duty and facing many different threats in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant Nishka returned to Earth Space Dock in the Sol system on stardate 87730.44 (14 February 2410). Considering the track record of Nishka and her crew Nishka received a promotion to the rank of Captain for her exceptional command and ability to survive against all odds. Several of her bridge officers also received promotions for their exceptional support to Nishka and making the missions a success.
Next to her promotion Admiral Quinn also had another surprise in store for Nishka and her crew. Considering that the USS Vulcania was getting rather cramped for the crew the USS Corintha was assigned to Nishka. The USS Corintha (NX-91003) is an experimental Discovery class outfitted with the latest developed technology, of which many is still in an experimental phase and only added to the USS Corintha.

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I feel like i have been hit over the head with a phone book.... *PUNT*

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Name: Kinjo
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Born: Stardate 45932.23 (29 April 2368)
Birth Place: Vulcan
Carreer: Tactical Bridge Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
- Master in Suus Mahna
- Fifth Dan Tai Jitsu
- Expert in Mok'bara

Major Accomplishments:
- Won an intergalactic martial arts tournament on Qo'noS on stardate 67233.99 (17 August 2389).
- Won the dessert baking contest with his famous choclate cake aboard the USS Vulcania, competition was fierce with several 'renowned' cooks aboard!

Kinjo was born on Vulcan on stardate 45932.23 (29 April 2368) in a small farm community as an only child. Unfortunately his mother died in child birth and though his father did love him he had the usual clumsy Vulcan way of showing it. Kinjo was very introvert and got himself into a lot of trouble as a kid by getting into fights and mischief. It was only through martial arts and meditation that he found peace and his sensei became a second father to him. Kinjo didn't limit himself to only Suus Mahna but was interested in learning different martial arts. Due to his quick and sharp mind he managed to eventually master Suus Mahna when he reached the age of 31. He also practioned the Human martial art Tai Jitsu and became an expert in the Klingon martial art Mok'bara.
At the age of 19 Kinjo decided to join Starfleet, wanting to explore the Alpha Quadrant learn more about different kinds of martial arts and in general to make Alpha Quadrant a safer place to live. His melee skills got him quick recgonition in Starfleet Academy and he joined the MACO training shortly after.
Because of this most his operations and time during the Academy are classified. Kinjo became known among his fellow MACO team mates as a ghost and expert in stealth.

In the year 2389 Kinjo took his first and only shore leave while he was a cadet in the Academy to enter an intergalactic martial arts tournament on Qo'noS on stardate 67213.84 (10 August 2389). This tournament lasted 7 days and was held in one of the hot deserts of Qo'noS.
His competitors were all renowned fighters, assassins and martial artists from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrant the battles were fierce and brutal and broken bones weren't uncommon.
In the finales Kinjo encountered the fierce Klingon warrior 'Morpheus', who earnt his nickname by headbutting most his competition into a K.O. and 1 even into a full coma. Morpheus was the publics all-time favorite and a skilled warrior from the House of Mar'Tok.
During the finale Kinjo tried every martial arts trick that he knew, but kept failing to get a hold on the agressive Morpheus and every trick he tried only aggravated the Klingon more. Finally he managed to beat his opponent with a combined a Suus Mahna and Tai Jitsu move that was so unexpected that there was a silence for 10 full seconds when Morpheus went down. After that the public started cheering so loud for Kinjo that it sounded as if a thunderstorm was crossing the wastelands.

Kinjo finished his Starfleet training on stardate 69364.13 (4 October 2391) and graduated with the rank of Ensign. Kinjo was assigned to the USS Liberty shortly after his graduation. Due to his specialization most records of his missions are classified.
On stardate 83627.36 (8 January 2406) Kinjo was reassigned to USS Vulcania. Next to his passion for martial arts he also picked up cooking as his hobby. During a friendly competition between several cooks he managed to win with his choclate cake. This was mostly due to the fact that his cake was actually edible while most the other food cause stomach cramps, food poisoning and even a rash! It's safe to say that that was probably one of the busiest day for sickbay in the history of the USS Vulcania until stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) when the Borg attacked the Vega colony.
Since that day Kinjo's choclate cake is famous as being the only self baked dessert that didn't get anybody ill!

On stardate 85845.09 (28 March 2408) Ensign Kinjo went on a black-op mission in the jungle of the M class planet Khi-300DR, which was inhibated by True Way fanatics. He was on a mission to blow up their compound and arreset or, if necessary kill, their leader.
The team had been dealing with several blows already and the mission was turning out into a disaster. The wildlife and even flora was far more vicious then anticipated, wounding two team members and poisoning another. Through sheer determination the team managed to reach the compound.
Once the team made it inside they accidently triggered an alarm system which activated a lethal trap, killing one of the away team members and critically injuring Kinjo.
The team managed to deactive the force field that was protecting the compound and got beamed off the planet.
As a last resort to prevent the True Way fanatics from fleeing the compound a low level photon torpedo was shot down to the surface of the planet. The devastation to the ground was immense but none of the fanatics managed to flee and the entire compound was destroyed.
During the walk through the jungle Kinjo was also infected with an unknown virus by one of the plants. Kinjo went into a coma soon after he was beamed back aboard the ship and his life signs were starting to shut down. Due to Nishka's expertise his life was saved.
This near death experience had a great effect on Kinjo's life and looked up to Nishka with admiration. He knew that if it was any other doctor that was present he would have surely died since the virus he attracted was extremely agressive as it was and in combination with his other wounds he would have otherwhise died.
From that day on he realised that there is more to care for more then only his own life and he made a vowe to himself to protect Nishka on all the away missions she went on.
Eventually he became romantically involved with Nishka.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Vega colony was under attack by the Borg. During this conflict the Borg beamed aboard the bridge of the USS Vulcania and effectively killed all the senior officers. Kinjo was on his way to the bridge when he was ambushed by several tactical Borg drones. The Borg are famous for adepting, but couldn't quite withstand the melee powers of Kinjo who ended up tearing of the arm from one of the Borg and using this limb as a weapon to kill other Borg drones.
Kinjo was badly wounded, out of breath and standing on his last legs after killing the fifth drone when the remaining Borg beamed off the ship and retreated to their sphere.
Despite his injures he managed to reach the bridge just when Lieutenant junior grade Nishka beamed back aboard.
Nishka patched Kinjo up as good as she could given the circumstances and they continued with their mission to fight off the Borg.
After succesfully completing their mission in stopping the Borg invasion Kinjo was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade by Admiral Quinn.

On stardate 87730.44 (14 February 2410) Kinjo was promoted to Lieutenant by Admiral Quinn after a recommendation from Captain Nishka.

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Name: Naomi Hunter
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Born: Stardate 56429.4 (28 October 2378)
Birth Place: Earth, Ireland
Carreer: Medical Bridge Officer
Rank: Commander
- Nano technology

Major Accomplishments:
- Finished her medical studies at Starfleet Academy in 4 years on stardate 79149.6 (17 July 2401) and her advanced command studies on stardate 81208.47 (8 August 2403).
- Graduated at the top of her year with the rank of Lieutenant after her advanced command studies.
- Saved Captain Nishka from an Undine attack on stardate 87736.26 (16 February 2410). This earned her a medal and promotion to the rank of Commander.

Naomi Hunter was born on stardate 56429.4 (28 October 2378) in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents were killed in a transporter accident when when she was 8 months old. She was then adopted by her aunt from her mothers side who cared a lot for her. Her aunt was a botanist and often took Naomi with her to the gardens to help her care for the flora. She was a carefree child with an open mind and always in for new adventures.

This changed when Naomi was 10 years old and her aunt was murdered by an escaped psychopath. Since there were no other living relatives Naomi was put in a foster family. She was very withdrawn for a several years and generally wasn't very interested in playing with other children.
Instead she tried to create her own friends by building small robots and doing basic artificial intelligence programming.
Her foster mother was a veterinary surgeon and one day she took Naomi with her to her clinic. Naomi assisted her here in helping to nurse a sick kitten back to health and this got Naomi interested in medicine. After seeing how Naomi opened up to other people she allowed the teenager to help her out regulary and she became her foster mothers assistant in the clinic in her free time.

When Naomi reached the age of 18 she joined Starfleet on stardate 75274.07 (1 September 2397), wanting to learn more about medicine and robotics. She was a proficient student at both subjects and her superiors steered her into the direction of nano technology. Naomi took the initiative in setting up a new laboratory study and lead a bright team of fellow cadet scientists.

On stardate 79149.6 (17 July 2401) she finished her studies and was promoted to the rank of Ensign. She enjoyed leading a team a lot during her studies and decided to stay on the Academy longer to take up advanced command studies as well. She proved to be an excellent leader and all her aptitude tests were in the top 5% of her year, sometimes even in the top 1%. She finished this study on stardate 81208.47 (8 August 2403) with distinction and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant after graduation.

On stardate 81221.29 (13 August 2403) Naomi was assigned to the USS White Star, an Excalibur class cruiser. Here she received a bridge position and learnt a lot from Captain Ibanez and her Captains second in command, Commander Watson.

On stardate 85011.45 (28 May 2407) Naomi received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander after leading a succesful away team mission in which she rescued both her Captain and Commander who were taken hostage by Orions who were trying to gain access to the Federation defense network.

Lieutenant Commander Naomi requested a transfer to the USS Vulcania after hearing the heroic actions of a young Captain named Nishka who managed to take down several Borg spheres and even assisted in destroying a Borg cube in the defense of the Vega colony. Her request was granted on stardate 87689.98 (31 January 2410).
Naomi and Nishka quickly became good friends, having common interests and a desire to defend the Alpha Quadrant from all the dangers it's facing.
Naomi's expertise was put to good use and she became Nishka's second in command.

On stardate 87736.26 (16 February 2410) the away team from Captain Nishka was ambushed by several Undine, they killed two crewmen and severely injured Nishka. Kinjo and Kheituso managed to lead the other crewmen to safety and hold off the Undine, however in the confusion Nishka and Naomi were cut off from the rest of the group. Nishka had gone unconsious and Naomi was slowed down since she was carrying the body of her captain. Naomi managed to stabalize Nishka with a hypospray and heal the worst wounds with her medical tricorder. The Undine that was still lurking around spotted them and was getting ready to attack. Naomi however heard the young warrior getting closerby and grabbed a plasma grenade. The creature was about to yell and jump on them to tear them apart with its claws when Naomi threw the grenade. She had a great aim and timing as the creature was caught offguard for this attack and caught the grenade in its mouth.
A second later the grenade exploded, burning away half its head and doing such severe brain damage that the Undine died almost instantly, it's last fleeting thoughts being that plasma has an aweful taste to it.
Now that they were out of immediate danger Naomi contacted the USS Corintha with two to beam up. Once Nishka recovered and learnt what happened she put Naomi up for a promotion to Commander and a special service medal. The request was immediately granted by Admiral Quinn.

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Name: Aerith Samantha Kohrath
Race: Andorian
Gender: Female
Born: Stardate 57611.74 (3 January 2380)
Birth Place: Andoria
Carreer: Tactical Bridge Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
- Interstellar navigation
- Star chart reading

Major Accomplishments:
- Navigated the USS Corintha safely through a collapsing wormhole in the Beta Quadrant despite the intense gravitational forces.

Aerith was born on stardate 57611.74 in an Andorian laboratory. She was among a first group of hundred artificially created Andorians.
To prevent the Andorian race from eventually going extinct the Andorian government started a secret project to change the required four genders for birthing a child to only two genders.
Her parent DNA came from an Andorian/ Aenar halfling on her 'mothers' side and a famous Andorian astronomer on her 'fathers' side. The fetus was not genetically improved since this is prohibited by Federation law, but only slighly adjusted to make the necessary two gender change possible. The only appearant outside change, compared to normal Andorians, is that the offspring of this experiment has brown hair instead of white/ silver. Other then that they look like a typically blue skinned Andorian.
Once Aerith was born she was put into a foster family who also had three other kids of their own and they raised her as any other Andorian child.

At the age of 16 Aerith was informed by her government of her special birth conditions. The only requirement that was put on her by her government was that she would select a mate from the one of the other artificially created Andorians to see if the project would succeed.
Though angry at first to find out that her foster parents weren't her real parents she did still see them as such as she was raised in a loving family.
This also explained several things like her great insight in astronomy and her limited telepathic abilities, qualities that neither of her foster parents possessed.

By the age of 17 she had come completely to terms with her descent. At a party organized by her government where the artificially created Andorians met and were introduced to each other she met Kheituso, with whom she fell in love and married a year later on her 18th birthday.

They both decided to join Starfleet Academy when they were 19. Aerith decided to pursue a tactical carreer, wanting to explore the galaxy and navigate through the stars.
On stardate 81398.9 (17 October 2303) Aerith graduated from Starfleet Academy and was promoted to the rank of Ensign. She requested to be assigned to the USS Montreal since her husband Kheituso was already aboard this ship as an engineer. Her request was granted the same day she graduated.

On stardate 84845.48 (29 March 2407) Aerith was promoted to Lieutenant after impressing her superiors with her navigational skills and outstanding service record. She appears to have a preemptive ability to look a few seconds into the future which allows her to anticipate what is happening before it actually does, saving the ship several times from disaster and possible destruction. Starfleet is still looking into this ability but so far scans have shown nothing out of the ordinary with her physiology.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the unthinkable happened when the Borg attacked the Vega colony. The USS Montreal put up a tough fight and managed to take out 2 spheres before she draw the full attention of a cube. The onslaught lasted over 15 minutes and in the end the ship was pulled almost completely apart by the onslaught of the disruptor weapons and plasma torpedoes. Thanks to Aerith's exceptional navigation skills the ship avoided several exploding warp cores from other ships and was saved from collision with space debris from Borg and Federation ships alike.
Eventually several ships among which where the USS Kelvin, USS Oakland and the USS Bohr managed to team up and disable the cubes weapons, but not after taking extensive damage.
The crew from the USS Montreal sustained heavy casualties and the remaining crew was badly injured, the warp core was going critical and life support was already failing.
It is thanks to Lieutenant junior grade Nishka that the remaining crew survived when they got beamed aboard the USS Vulcania. They were later dropped off at the USS Seacole where they were for treated for their injuries. Aerith herself was luckily not very badly injured, though Kheituso was and help for him came only just in time.

On stardate 87704.7 (5 February 2410) Aerith and Kheituso requested a transfer to the USS Vulcania. Their ship the USS Montreal didn't survive the warp core breach and with the death of most senior officers from that ship they were looking for a new crew to join. They agreed among each other that they would gladly serve aboard the ship of the person that rescued them from certain death. The request was accepted the same day.

On stardate 87730.44 (14 February 2410) Aerith was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Admiral Quinn after a recommendation from Captain Nishka. She was also put in charge of the tactical division aboard the USS Corintha.

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Originally Posted by Capulet (Post 2540788)
I feel like i have been hit over the head with a phone book.... *PUNT*

He saw your Phonebook and raised you one Set of Encyclopedias

However it is all good I like detail....the devil is in the details...I know I found him there.

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Name: Kheituso Kohrath
Race: Andorian
Gender: Male
Born: Stardate 57616.96 (5 January 2380)
Birth Place: Andoria
Carreer: Engineering Bridge Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
- Shield modulations
- Ground and starship shield modulations

Major Accomplishments:
- Reconfigured the shields of the USS Montreal with an unique algorithm that kept the ship together despite the overwhelming disruptor beams fired at the ship by a Borg cube.

Kheituso was born on stardate 57616.96 (5 January 2380) in an Andorian laboratory. He was among a first group of hundred artificially created Andorians as part of an experiment to prevent the Andorian race from eventual extinction. His 'mothers' parent DNA came from a high ranked Andorian Imperial Guard while his 'fathers' parent DNA came from talented Andorian poet.
Kheituso was placed in a foster family who also had two kids of their own and they raised him like he was their own child.

As a child Kheituso was always interested in fixing broken items and he showed a talent for improving equipment. With his two foster brothers he regulary got into trouble when they came up with their newest scheme to start their own repair shop when they took tools from their father to fix things, mostly because said tools ended up getting lost more often then not.

At the age of 16 Kheituso was informed of his descent by his government, which he took remarkably well. After hearing that there was a certain group of women from which he had to pick a mate he even became enthausiastic about it.
A year later, shortly after he became 17, there was a party organized by the government in which he was introduced to Aerith. He managed to sweet talk her with poetry and after a courtship of several months he married her 2 days before his 18th birthday.

He lived happily together with Aerith for a year and wanted to start up his own repair shop on Andoria, however Aerith's wish to explore the stars and see more of the galaxy made him decide to join Starfleet instead. He figured he'd rather flew in space and be with his love then to stay behind on Andoria while his wife was getting into all sorts of trouble without him being able to save her from it.

On stardate 81030.05 (4 June 2403) he graduated from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign and was assigned to the USS Montreal. The following months were some of the hardest months in his life because of his seperation from Aerith, who was still studying in the Academy.
He busied himself with work and pulled several double shifts to take his mind of the matter. When he wasn't working he was either writing letters to Aerith or studying a new experimental shield modulation algorithm.
His chief engineer told him not to bother since all theories said it would never work and was an impracticle solution for a problem that didn't even exist. Kheituso however wasn't one for giving up so quickly and his keen mind gave him several insights in how he might get it to work, though it would probably take several years before he figured this puzzle out.

On stardate 81398.9 (17 October 2303) Kheituso was once again reunited with his love when her request to join the USS Montreal was granted. They shared a cabin aboard the ship and life was good.

On stardate 83545.75 (9 December 2405) Kheituso was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade after doing a great job at improving the warp core efficiency by 5.6%. The changes he made were forwarded to Starfleet for further investigation and to see if they could be implemented in other star ships as well.

On stardate 86134.51 (11 July 2408) Kheituso was promoted to Lieutenant after his reconfiguration of the ship weapons saved the ship from being taken over because of a Hirogen ambush. The USS Montreal managed to destroy 1 and disable 3 Hirogen ships due to his changes before they could retreat from another 5 ships that were preparing an attack.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Borg attacked the Vega colony. Kheituso kept his calm when a Borg cube started to focus its full attention on the USS Montreal and this is probably what saved the ship from destruction by the initial attack of the cube. Kheituso amazed his chief engineer by bringing a heavily modified shield modulation algorithm online, the result of years of work, brainstorming and experimenting. Though a theoretical impossibility the algorithm reconfigured the shields and strengthened them by 800% while even extending them to the USS Kelvin, USS Oakland and the USS Bohr. The four ships teamed up with several other Federation vessels and attacked the cube with their full might. Unfortunately the ships that weren't in Kheitusos shields were blown and shredded apart by the cubes disruptor beams.
Eventually the drain on the warp core was becoming too big for the USS Montreal to handle and the force field around the warp core started to collapse.
Engineering was getting evacuated while Kheituso and his chief engineer Lieutenant Commander T'Pak stayed behind.
Moments later the complete shield of the USS Montreal collapsed, leaving the 4 ships defenseless since the other 3 ships were using their full power to keep their weapons going at maximum efficiency.
The cube took big advantage of the situation by damaging all 4 ships in a salvo of plasma torpedoes. The 4 remaining ships managed to destroy the weapons of the cube and cause critical damage to its systems but unfortunately they were all too badly damaged to do anything else.
The USS Montreal especially was in a very bad shape. The last plasma torpedo salvo killed Lieutenant Commander T'Pak when a surge went through the circuits and electrocuted him. Kheituso who was standing closeby was critically injured by this same surge.
A few agonizing minutes later Kheituso was beamed off the USS Montreal and lost consiousness shortly after that.

It took roughly 6 days before Kheituso was fully recovered and was allowed to leave sickbay. After consulting his wife and learning what happened in the aftermath and who eventually saved them it was his wish that they join the crew of Lieutenant Nishka to support her in the upcoming battles and defend the Alpha Quadrant from the new threats it is facing. On stardate 87704.7 (5 February 2410) the request to join was granted and they went aboard the USS Vulcania.

On stardate 87730.44 (14 February 2410) Kheituso was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Admiral Quinn after a recommendation from Captain Nishka. He was also put in charge of the engineering division aboard the USS Corintha.

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Morpheus 1/2
Name: Morpheus Mar'Tok
Race: Klingon
Gender: Male
Born: Stardate 51383.84 (11 October 2373)
Birth Place: Qo'noS
Carreer: Engineer Bridge Officer
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
- Master in Mok'bara
- Offensive surface technology

Major Accomplishments:
- Became second in an intergalactic martial arts tournament on Qo'noS on stardate 67233.99 (17 August 2389).
- Survived 3 years in the waste lands of Qo'noS in solitude.

Morpheus was born on Qo'noS on stardate 51383.84 (11 October 2373)as Bograth Mar'Tok, the oldest son and first child from the House of Mar'Tok. The House of Mar'Tok is one of the smallest houses represented in the Klingon High Council and has been suffering a decline for several generations now, losing status and honour with each passing generation. As the oldest son a great responsibility rested on the shoulders of Bograth to restore his House's former glory.

As a child Bograth was extremely stubborn, even by Klingon standards. He always believed that he was right and everybody else was wrong and generally wasn't open to discussion. This often got him into a lot of trouble and fights and more then once he returned home bruised or occasionally with a broken bone. He cared little for the damage done to his body though and it actually boosted his ego when he won yet another fight over something trivial.
To say the least this didn't make him a very succesful successor for the House of Mar'Tok, who would benefact a lot more from a level headed politician then an immature bully.

When Bograth reached the age of 6 he started to train Mok'bara with friends, imagining themselves to be fearsome warriors. It is actually more through brute force then subtlety and finesse that Morpheus became a good fighter. His way of solving a situation would be by throwing extra force into it and use an overkill of force rather then a precise strike.
During fights Bograth developed a very potent head butting technique, that usually knocked his opponents unconsious, or if it involved a non-Klingon sometimes even in a coma. If they didn't go unconcious with the first head butt he would keep repeating his move until they did.
This earned him the nickname 'Morpheus', ancient god of dreams and sleep. Bograth liked the nickname a lot since it boosted his ego for being called a god. Infact he also did put a lot of people to 'sleep' since his ability to find problems seemed to be unmatched.

By the age of 12 he got so used to his nickname that he actually had his first name perminently changed to Morpheus, to remind others not to fool around with him and the result that would take place else if they tried.
Among his friends he was respected, among his adversaries hated and even a bit feared. People rather avoided contact then dealing with this younglings hot headed nature.

On stardate 67213.84 (10 August 2389) Morpheus entered a martial arts competition at the age of 16. He was convinced by his friends and ego that there was no way he could lose with his skills and brute force. In the first round he was up against an Orion slaver, the match ended with the poor guy missing an arm and severe internal damage to his organs. The 2nd competitor didn't fare much better with a broken skull and dents in it in the form of Morpheus forehead ridges. He was barily saved by the present medics and would be held in artificial coma for 17 days until the doctors thought it was safe to bring him out of it.
Most other competitors met similar fates with the lucky ones only going knock out and the not so lucky ones also ending up with a bruised body, broken bones and being knocked out.
On stardate 67233.99 (17 August 2389) the finales of the competition finally started. Morpheus was facing a young Vulcan named Kinjo in the ring. Morpheus looked him over with his usual arrogant gaze, puffing his chest and not expecting much of this Vulcan. The Vulcan seemed unnaturally calm, despite knowing how Morpheus reached the finales. This offset Morpheus slightly but the cheering of the crowd and yelling of his friends was once again enough to boost his confidence. Being a Klingon and the tournament being kept on Qo'noS there would be no greater shame imaginable then to lose now, with his entire House present and many nobles of the Klingon High Council.
The gong was rung and the match started, Morpheus started a brute charge at Kinjo and was unpleasantly surprised to find himself landing flat on his back a couple seconds later. He jumped back to his feet and tried a couple of wild swings and punches with his fists. Had they connected then they'd surely have given Kinjo a lot of pain, but he was quick with avoiding them and turned the energy of the attack against Morpheus who made an unceremonious face plant in the dust of the desert. Angered by the name calling from some of the audience he stood back up, only to be knocked right down again by a kick from Kinjo in his side. Morpheus made a shoulder roll this time to prevent a second face plant while cussing loudly and then started another charge...
The fight went on for another 24 minutes before Kinjo finally came out victorious with a move that knocked Morpheus out cold.
When Morpheus regained his senses and realised what happened the humiliation was so great for him that he stormed off into the waste lands. He considered himself little more then an honourless dog, not realising that reaching the 2nd place in a tournament of this stature is still an extremely good accomplishment.

Too stubborn to return to his House and not really having any other place to go to Morpheus lived in the waste lands for the next couple years, doing a lot of soul searching and slowly but surely recovering his sanity that he lost after the devastating loss.
By the time Morpheus was 19 he had finally pulled himself together enough to start thinking about his future again. He considered himself no longer worthy to lead the House of Mar'Tok and though hostilities between the Federation and Klingon empire were starting to increase he figured that the Federation was still the only place he could go to.
He also wanted to have revenge on Kinjo and the Federation would be the place to be to search for him.

On stardate 70495.45 (20 November 2392) Morpheus enlisted at Starfleet Academy. His aptitude tests showed him unfit for a tactical carreer, mostly because of the results from his psychological test. Morpheus did seem to have a talent for engineering though, so instead he decided to follow an engineering study. The physical training was a joke to him, life in the waste lands having hardened him considerably, but the tests and theory that he had to study regulary were all true horror to him. Having never been good at studying and being used to always getting his way were breaking him up now and he really had to adjust his attitude to his superiors. Since disciplinairy punishment barily had any effect on him he ended up on toilet cleaning duty more then once. In fact, during his 2nd year at the Academy one could consider it to be his full time side job to take care of all the nasty and dirty chores that had to be carried out at the Academy.
Eventually Morpheus pulled his act together in his 3rd year, finally figuring out it would be much easier to do as instructed then always fighting with the other students and bad mouthing his superiors.
Surprisingly enough he actually started to learn something by then and even enjoyed his time at the Academy.

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Morpheus 2/2
Morpheus graduated from the Academy 5,5 years later on stardate 75860.18 (3 April 2398) as an engineer with the rank of Ensign. Considering his less then perfect track record it took him 1,5 years longer then the average student to graduate. Morpheus had found out during his time at the Academy that Kinjo was assigned to the USS Vulcania, but since Morpheus had been causing so much trouble at the Academy his request to join USS Vulcania was rejected.
This angered him slightly, but he knew that he could only blame himself for this, had he pulled his act together faster then his request would have probably been accepted.
Instead Morpheus was assigned to the USS Newton on stardate 75885.49 (12 April 2398).

Life aboard the USS Newton was not easy on him, his history at the Academy was well known to Captain Harrison, but he decided to give the young man a chance to redeem himself. Miraciously Morpheus figured out that if he wanted to get anywhere near revenge on Kinjo he better started acting like a role model engineer. Rather then performing barily above minimal expectations he tried to outdo everybody in the engineering department in both quality and quantity, findind a new challenge and more constructive way to fuel his competitive spirit.
Despite becoming quite the engineer he still had his occasional anger outbursts and his restless spirit got him into the occasional trouble, because of this he was usually passed over for a promotion. In an attempt to overcome his anger outbursts Morpheus picked up on his Mok'bara training again and through meditation he managed to reach a certain calmness that he never experienced before. His thoughts for revenge were put aside for the future and the here and now became more important to him.

on stardate 87225.85 (14 August 2409) Morpheus had the unpleasant surprise of his youngest sister joining his ship. He was aware that he had 2 brothers 2 sisters, but besides his two brothers he never met his youngest siblings. After hearing why she joined his ship he became infuriated. In his mind the little brat actually thought she could convince him to go back to Qo'noS and give up on getting his revenge on Kinjo. He had several big fights with her over it and became increasingly more annoyed with her persistance.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Borg attacked the Vega colony. The USS Newton was under heavy attack and had several hull breaches, but did manage to survive the battle against the Borg. One of the hull breaches had raptured the hull near engineering and Morpheus did a heroic act by evacuating his wounded colleagues from engineering before the shields collapsed and would have sucked them all out into the vacuum of space.
After the battle Morpheus heard that it was his little sister that put up the emergency shields in engineering at the time of the hull breach. Though stubborn he also had a great sense of honour and decided to look her up and thank her for what she did, after all without her quick reaction skills he would have died with the rest of the engineering crew in that room. When he saw just how distraught she was something broke inside him and he comforted her to the best of his abilities. For once in his life he actually cared for somebody other then himself.
For his heroic actions Morpheus got promoted to Lieutenant junior grade 2 days later.

On stardate 87786.04 (7 March 2410) Morpheus put in a request to join the USS Corintha, captained by Captain Nishka. His request was granted after a review by Captain Nishka.
For Morpheus the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold" was about to be brought into practice. What he couldn't anticipate however is that he was facing a Betazoid captain and several other telepathically and empathically gifted members aboard the USS Corintha.
His mood, anger and frustrations were immediately picked up by the captain and several other bridge officers. Nishka started counseling her newest crew member and through a lot of patience she managed to at least prevent him from outright attacking Kinjo. Despite of this Morpheus' temper was barily kept in check and could still become a serious problem.
Nishka investigated Kinjo's winning conditions and consulted with him what would be a good solution to this. At the tournament were basicly no official rules and everything short of using weapons was allowed. Considering both parties fought with what was usually considered dirty tricks during the martial arts competition Nishka decided it would be best to hold the tournament again on the Holodeck and this time only allow the official rules of Mok'bara, since that is a martial arts that they both practiced.
At the match almost the entire crew was present, cheering for one of the contestants. He was pleased to see that his little sister was his biggest supporter who was cheering him on for all she was worth. What followed was an intense battle between Kinjo and Morpheus. Kinjo was the more talented fighter of the two, but not as proficient in Mok'bara as Morpheus was and after a battle that took almost a full hour Morpheus finally came out victorious. He and Kinjo gained a lot of mutual respect for each other and Morpheus considered his lost honour redeemed.
This was actually the beginning of a friendship between the long time rivals. Morpheus was well aware that Kinjo would have won if no rules applied and Kinjo respected Morpheus persistance and devotion to a single cause after learning his full history.

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