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Archived Post 04-12-2010 02:19 AM

Lack of Borg Missions?
I wish to make a complaint about the lack of Borg Missions.

Apart from the standard beginners mission, (to me) there have been only two instances where the Borg are mentioned/used:

> one mission required you t oexplore a system and find the source of radiation - it was coming from a abandoned borg sphere.
> another mission required you to analyse borg de/encryption nodes to discover what they were doing. And then you had to destroy some fabrication units or similar.

I'm not exactly asking for a lot, but a few borg missions, such as:
> "Bring the borg back", where a ex-battle borg sphere has been left in a system (after being secured) whence you have to tow it back to a starbase for analysis.
> above mission followed by "Secure the station", where hidden borg from the sphere or new borg want the sphere back)
> "Joining the enemy to stop another enemy" - mission in the federation/klingon border where the borg are trying to gain a few systems, where federation/klingon players team up to remove the borg threat
> "Time's not my friend" where you have to destroy an expreimental time-travelling borg cube
> "Today's a good day to do some exploding" - transport explosives to a borg base, teleport them over, then get the hell out-of the system!

Just my opinion, though...

Archived Post 04-12-2010 02:36 AM

There are a few Borg missions at admiral level.

There could be more. Especially the "small"-type of missions you mention are nice - not big battles against the Borg, but missisons more "around the Borg" - like salvaging a Borg Sphere.

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