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Archived Post 04-13-2010 04:39 AM

STF´s more accessable
Hello :)
I am concerned about the lack of ppl doing STF´s atm.
So i was thinking about removing the necessity of finishing them one after another.
That way, it would be easier, to get the remaining ppl into groups, without them finishing infected first, then the cure, only so they can do KA with the rest of the fleet.
It would also give the opportunity, to use twinks, if another class is needed.
with 2tacs and 2eng, i rather take a bad equipped medic in the cure, then another tac/eng.
It would even help, if the restriction would be account oriented. Meaning do infected, with one char, and all can do the cure. This however would only be a temporarry solution :)

If you feel the same way, please post your thoughts. I does not matter, if you think it a good idead, or a bad one.
Every thought counts.

Archived Post 04-13-2010 05:05 AM

I'm far more concerned about the absolute lack of people willing to even do Infected or the Cure now. The STFs are considered too much grief and too hardcore for a majority of the population.

Archived Post 04-13-2010 06:45 AM

Not sure if the thinning out is just the pug side of things or if that is also happening to fleet runs as well concerning what seems like a shortage of groups.
It does seem like it is getting more and more difficult to get a run going lately.

The ideas listed below are not mine, but I do in part support them.
It does look like something may need to be done to increase the number of players running STFs.

1. They could make the runs a little less tedious and increase the challenge in other ways for STFs.
2. Faction-wide unlocks for the STFs is not a bad idea.
If at least one fed char on your account unlocks it, then it is unlocked for all your fed chars who are also admiral.
I believe the OP mentioned account-wide, but even just faction-wide would be a nice change up.
3. Adjusting the loot to be a little more inline with the coordination factor would prob help, such as an increase in tokens.
4. Allowing us to group across factions for task force runs, if we have a temporary cease-fire in place, then why not.

At any rate, here is too hoping the next patch or soon after will have the repeatable missions so we have something else to do while we wait on a group to pick up.

Archived Post 04-13-2010 09:01 AM

I think it would also help to remove the lockout timers. I understand not wanting people to farm them... wait I actually don't think I do. What could you be farming? The gate in Infected? Takes 20-30 mins and gets you 1 bind on pick up purple item (maybe 2). The ground boss in the Cure? Takes 1 hour and gets you one bind on pickup (I assume) kit. I haven't done Khitomer yet so no comments there.

So I don't see a problem from people just running through to one of these points, getting the loot and restarting... but even if there is solve it by only putting in a lockout for when the mission is dropped.

As for people who complete the whole mission, there is no reason to prevent someone artifically from running Infected back to back if that is what they want to do to enjoy the game.

Archived Post 04-13-2010 10:57 AM

In order to get more folks doing these they need to be changed from mind numbingly boring grinds with spikes of actue frustration into challenging FUN mini-raids. The problem now as I see it is that the developer in charge of these was an "A" student in mission design class except for the day he was home sick with the flu...the day(s) they covered fun.

Infected has the silly zerrgfest that is taking down the conduit, then the ground part that is now about perfect in difficulty but still a tad too long...but nobody new will ever know because they are scared to death from all the posts about how much this sucks.

The Cure has the mini-space part... just about right actually...then to the ground where..ONCE AGAIN...we follow the yellow brick road leaving 100000000000 dead borg behind us. Only now we get the generators. Rather then sometype of logic puzzle, (like the first set) we get an anoying spawn of death timer limited, luck required example of why folks stop doing raids. I have been on several Cure pugs that just bang at the third shield until they scream uncle and log off in disgust...EVEN tho they know the drill, have the tactics written down, watched the video, etc etc because they just can't get the timing down for whatever reason.

Even when they drop that shield they realize that WAIT THERE's more borg, more hostages, and ANOTHER SHIELD. Add this to Gozer saying it's no for pugs and the majority of gamers give up before they start. Which is sad cause the mini boss is kinda least the shields and other things make it more then a zerg fest.

The final space portion of the Cure is fun and the last boss, while not exactly difficult is at least fun and can be taken down quickly by good teams or banged to death for 20 mins by the not as good teams, either way victory....and another lackluster drop oh well we at least get points to buy...rather lackluster rewards.

Now we reach Khitomer, a few runs the morning show that the space part is pretty much silly stupid again...I think the design goal was amount of time sink. The Guadrians were just normal know like the TAC Cube with 1.2 MILLION hull points... yawn...and then come the stop the probe parts with the additional kiss on the cheek of a 15 minute cool down on the mission if you by chance fail this part... which is easy to do, DPS is your friend here.

Ive given enough of my opinion here, and the WoT may turn some off but it needed to be said...again, how close but no cigar, in these STF's is hurting the game and the average player. We all know the uberelite-superduper this is too easy crowd can do these at night, one handed, half asleep, drunk, high and while reading Gothe in the original German. You guys can ignore this post. ;-)

Heading back for Khitomer now can't wait to see what's on the ground here!, but I bet it involves 1000000000 dead borg :-)

Archived Post 04-13-2010 11:14 AM

I agree with all above....nuff said!!

Archived Post 04-13-2010 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by Pavehawk
In order to get more folks doing these they need to be changed from mind numbingly boring grinds with spikes of acute frustration into challenging FUN mini-raids.
Add this to Gozer saying it's not for pugs and the majority of gamers give up before they start.

Scathing critique, but on point. I agree that at some point these missions need to be scaled down so a good pug has a better chance at it. The loot reward just does not justify doing this "raid".

So to answer the rage out there:
Yes the STF should be epic, but trying to kill thousands of trash mobs is monotonous.
Yes the STF should be hard, but it should not be hard due to more bland villains.
Yes the STF should be for teams, but it should not punish teams for having certain abilities like force field and cover shield.

The STF needs to be accessible because it is supposed to be the end game content that people are asking for.

Archived Post 04-14-2010 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Florence
I'm far more concerned about the absolute lack of people willing to even do Infected or the Cure now. The STFs are considered too much grief and too hardcore for a majority of the population.

becaus they are stupidly designed

the game is a cakewalk untl you hit these. then it's like trying to solo a fleet action

what lame brain thought it ok to put mobs in here that destroy 11k shields in 3 hits?

what lame brain thought it ok to spawn 9 of them at once?

what lame brain thought the ohnly way you can do this is with scramble sensors...several of them...and then make same mobs super resistent to confuse

what lame brain thought that dying over and over and over and over on one objective is a tactic?

did these devs learn NOTHING from the tf failures of COH?

Archived Post 04-15-2010 03:12 AM

Quite honestly AFTER you learned what to do and IF you have a fairly decent group at least infected goes on farm status. The other bit though. I agree the you MUST do infected, than cure and than khitomer accord is a bit -.-ed up. I mean i do not mind flagging people (read fleeties) for the cure and khitomer accord as we run it on the same night these days, but that doesn't make it pleasant.

Archived Post 04-15-2010 05:15 AM

I agree with the thread, make it more accesible AND easier

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