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Archived Post 04-14-2010 04:19 AM

"Emergency power to engines" improvement suggestions -full power

I just wondered why, when a player clicked on emergency power to engines, the ship doesn’t adjust power levels to make full use of the power. I suspect most people use this power as means of escape from a difficult fight or to escape an exploding ship that's my main use of the power and to reach a destination a little quicker.

One of my favourite tactics is put ship in reverse and then use the power to back away to safe distance from an exploding ship.

Anyway my suggestion is that the power could have options for the bridge officer to make automatic adjustments for faster getaway.

The problem is, in a fight your ship is currently at a low throttle speed then the power makes little difference and you have less chance of a getaway.

So the power could have 3 option settings

1) ALL power, adjusts the throttle to max and ship engineer power level to max, useful for "getting out of there" (also could adjust your shields to boost the rear shields) if the power is being used to get out of a tough fight. and dons't auto to reset to previous power levels.

2) Keep current settings, where the throttle is set to max just for the duration of the power, and then it reset to last throttle level.

3) Emergency reverse, when the throttle is set to reverse for the duration of the power. Same as the first it could also adjust your shields and brace for any impact if you’re trying to get away from an exploding ship.

Having options would just make it quicker; they could even be separate power buttons that come with the power once it’s unlocked.

There could even be a separate set of the above options which are just standaard manouvers and don't give any bouns to speed and should be available at all Ranks, because any Capitan would give a “get us out of here" style order when faced with a too dangerous situation

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