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Archived Post 04-14-2010 06:18 AM

Khitomer Accord: Final Space Boss Fight
it's way to long right now.
we took 18 mins yesterday, without anyone dying.
but it's not that you fight for 18mins, i would love that - i never get battle fatigue - it's that we spent so much time waiting in space for the ship to reappear. maybe we did something wrong and you can do something to make donatra's ship not cloak all the time but i doubt it. as it is, this was an unpleasant boss encounter.

to the devs: don't get me wrong, i love khitomer so far, first space part is great fun, the ground puzzle was entertaining, just final space boss is too long. would there be any way, to make this go a little, say 5mins, faster without making it any easier (come to think of it...can you make it all harder?) .

quick ben

Archived Post 04-14-2010 06:22 AM

Bring Charged Particle Bursts. They will reveal Donatra's ship.

Archived Post 04-14-2010 06:39 AM

so that means there is a way to make it faster. very well ;)
to the devs: forget my question about making it quicker ... just make it harder pls.

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