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Archived Post 04-14-2010 10:24 PM

Breaking the Planet - Now THAT was FUN!!!!
Doing this scenario is, by far, the most fun I have had since I started playing this game. In a group, it was intense all the way through. The action was so fast, there simply wasn't any time to do anything but move from target to target, watch the backs of the guys around you, switch back and forth between hand-to-hand mode and weapon mode and move from one firing position to another, backing up as needed to keep from getting gang rushed.

The counter attack at the end was the best part...Klingons in groups of 5 to 7 coming at you from all directions. That definitely only works if you work as a team. I ended up pairing up with a guy. We fired face to face in opposite directions. He covered my back, I covered his. I lost track of how many times I hit Optics II, Fire on my Mark, Focus Fire III, and a battery. I lost track of how many times I had to pull out my Bat' Leth and face down 2 Klingons at once, switching back and forth between them.

I think it took us around 2 hours to get through it. I completely lost track of time. To say it again, I really enjoyed Breaking the Planet.

Archived Post 04-16-2010 10:27 AM

I completely agree, i would like to see more of this type of gameplay it is fun and you have objectives to have to do which makes it fun.

Archived Post 04-17-2010 01:28 PM

Agreed, I also enjoyed it. About the only downside is that team members don't show up on the big map when you respawn at the main base. I don't mind the run back, but I do mind not being sure where I'm running back to.

Also, Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork. The sheer number of players running past downed officers rather then reviving was almost comical. I get it, if you've got 20 klingons surrounding you, trying to give you a very bad day, my body can wait; but if you're just standing there, Revive me! I have a gun, and many ways to help you!

Archived Post 04-19-2010 04:18 PM

It's as boring as watching paint dry, just more tedious.

That goes for all ground combat though.

Archived Post 04-19-2010 06:11 PM

It was a lot fun. But - has anyone noticed a bug today? The first part, rescue scientists , took almost an hour, with 19/20 and no-one finding the last guy. Then it just marked the quest as "complete" (still saying 19/20). I haven't seen that yesterday, and I would hate that fleet action to be bugged.

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