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Archived Post 04-20-2010 06:08 AM

General advice for all STFs
So I know STO is the first MMO for some of the players out there and this, in some ways, is generic information across MMOs but I haven't read it anywhere on the forums so I thought I would say it.

1. Use Consumables!
Bring AT LEAST the following with you. More hypos and less power cells is fine. Use hypos when being beat up, shields when they are down and you are swarmed, and power cell on bosses or when you just need a lil extra firepower. I can't emphasize enough how important this is!
- 10 Large Hypo
- 10 Large Shield Charge
- 10 Large Power Cell

2. Be prepared.
Read the forums before you just run into an STF. Know what to expect, what is going to happen, what needs to be accomplished at each part. Watch any video online if you can find them.

3. Be flexible.
You many need to play multiple roles so bring things for that. Bring multiple weapons (Exploit, Expose, Knockback, Melee), multiple kits for different scenarios, even multiple shields (personally I carry 3 Purple Mk X [Cap]x3, [Reg]x3, and [Cap][Reg][Knockback]).

4. Make sure you have the time.
If you are going to attempt an STF then make sure you have the next 3 hours free. They can be done much more quickly but nothing is more irritating to a team ready to go when one member sayd they have to leave 1 hour in or someone "D/Cs" and never returns. If you can't block off 3 hours then sorry to say STF are just not for you. Not all people are meant to finish STFs b/c they aren't for very casual players.

5. See #1

Hope this helps out.

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