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Archived Post 04-23-2010 07:56 AM

officers and powers
I have been playing STO roughly 8 to 10 hours a day. I am disabled and I am an original trekky from the 60's.
The klingon officers have a distinct advantage over the federation because you can put what ever class of officer you want in each slot. You can't tell me that the federation officers can't do multiple stations.
I have seen chekov on the science console, spock doing every console, sulu doing multiple stations and so on. Not only that being limited to the amount of officers on the bridge for the federation is wrong. You have
a first officer, science officer, communications officer, tactical officer, engineering officer and a weapons officer. So why only three and why only one slot for their powers they control.

If the klingon players can do multiple stations that gives them a big advantage over shields, weapons and science stations. They can put three of any class they want and blow you away without trying and it is happening in the pvp engagements. A rear admiral 5 federation and a rear admiral five klingon bird of pray blows away any of the federation level 5 ships. ?? Because the Federation ships can't penitrate the shields of the bird of pray. When you add in the other Klingon ships, raptors, crusiers, battleships and the warships the federation ships can't compete.

Lets level the playing field between the federation and the klingons. Add more officer power slots or add more officers or even give the officers more slots as they go up in rank. I know when I play in a pvp and my assault ship or my escort ship (which are loaded with all the top weapons available for a level five rear admiral) get blown away by any of the klingon ships within seconds of entering the war zone. That leaves a big question mark in mind. (OH, I also have a klingon ship)

Just some things to think on.


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