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Archived Post 04-25-2010 07:07 AM

Death Before Dishonor- Elite PVP

Hail noble warriors! The time will soon be upon us when free for all pointless combat is at its end. Death is nigh. Fly with the best, and bring a quick end to enemies of the Empire, when it really matters. A small tight knit vent-only fleet that combats the best the Federation has to offer in premade pvp through various in game channels is looking to pad its ranks with skilled, dedicated, and honorable warriors. Contact me in game for more info. <S>

-must use vent
-must be interested in pvp (space)
-willingess to cooperate in team construction/tactics (listen to those who know)
-desire to win, saerious competitive spirit
-thick skin, training with DBD makes lesser species cry

****-not required, but preferred, NO FED ALTS. several players have entered the fleet, raise a max level k, only to delete it and return to their fed primary. youre in it to win it here, I'm not looking for fed players who have a k they play 1ce a week.

Anyone who's been in a match with me has seen the scoreboard, and likely the devastation of the properly kitted tactical klingon fristhand. fear bmts. fear the tricobalt. Join the fleet or chat channel "OrganizedPVP or PremadePVP" for skilled / elite premade pvp (respectively, opvp has become a bit noobish with hivewasps departure)


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