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Star Fleet Cloak
One thing has been bugging me over the past week. I went back and started watching all the Temporal Displacement eps of Star Trek TNG, and Voyager. Through the course of events we see that Star Fleet has cloaking technology, in the episode End Game, the year is 2404, when Admiral Janeway takes a Delta Flyer class shuttle back in time to send Voyager home early. Seven then mentions that the shuttle has stealth technology, and in one of the final scenes we see the craft decloak outside of unimatrix 1. In All Good Things, we see that a cloak is common technology, as the Enterprise D (Which should have been destroyed, ahh... time paradoxes), which is set in 2396. There are also other time in the Star Trek Timeline where we see the Federation in possession of their own cloak. With the destruction of the Romulan Empire, the Treaty of Algeron is nullified. It seems like this piece of Star Trek History is missing from the game (as well as the Delta flyer class shuttle), I know that this will give the Federation more power, but it is canon.

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Nope its not canon since they are alternate timelines that never happened.
In addition the romulan empire does indeed still exist, its just broken.

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I would say yes to All good Things, but not to Voyager, during that time line we see that work is underway for a cloaking device, before Janeway "cheats", look at the Federation Holoship in Insurection. It would be a nice bridge power to add to the later ships, and will tie in the STO universe a little better. Ships Captain class and above.

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As I recall, Starfleet had created a Transphasic Cloak in the TNG episode "Pegasus".

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Originally Posted by CaptainSterling
As I recall, Starfleet had created a Transphasic Cloak in the TNG episode "Pegasus".

Yeah, that worked out pretty well didn't it?

As far as I know, the Defiant was the only Federation ship with a cloaking device, and it was only "legally" operated by a Romulan officer during intelligence gathering missions. Since in STO, the Romulans are "bad guys", it would stand to reason that the cloaking device wouldn't be useable.

Archived Post 05-04-2010 01:17 AM

I say NO to Federation Cloak. ;) It doesn't fit their style.

Mask Energy Signature should and could wor better, though. I think cloak the way the Federation would do it "legally" might use Holographic technology -the ship would still be visible, but might look like a Klingon Battlecruiser instead of a Galaxy Class starship. That's something I could get behind.

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why do I always start now to hear the famous Bonanza (click me) sound track, when I read Fed-Cloak :confused:

Ah yip... dead horses are hard to die out :D

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We are in a state of war we need battle cloak!!!!

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The same treaty forbidding the cloaking device, also established the Neutral zone. In the game during the Commander missions, it clearly shows you can go in romulan space all you want without creating an interstellar incident. The Exploration missions in romulan space said that the advantage of this time was we could explore deeper romulan space.

If the Treaty of Algeron is gone but not the romulan empire, the feds can still get cloaks. Perhaps a cloak can be an admiral quest reward after helping complete the research on a Federation cloak, or just stealing a cloak from the Klingons or Romulans. It would be canon. The question is, will we get any?

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No cloak please. Federation players can be just as effective, if not more so without it.

Every PVP game will entail Federation players zooming off in every which direction trying to be solo heroes, completing bypassing the wonderful notion of teamwork, and I don't care if it is or is not canon. I'm here to play a game, not to enforce a multi-billion dollar franchises attempt to keep its intellecutal property intact.

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