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Roleplay Fleet (Sierra Defense Fleet)
The Sierra Defense Fleet (RP fleet) is now seeking new recruits. All Starfleet ranks are accepted. We are a mature group who enjoy developing characters and stories which enrich the overall experience of the game. We are looking for both experienced role players and beginners willing to try something new.

If interested please visit http://sierradefensefleet.guildporta...&TabID=2960881 and introduce yourself. Alternately, you can send a tell in game to Vex@HJOJ in game.

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We also currently have alliances with some other excellent RP fleets.

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Want to RP, but can not leave my current fleet as I just made Officer and I like my fleet atm.

There any locations where RPers go alot? I went to DS9, Risa, and afew others and not finding any RPing. I am a vet RPer.

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I've found quite a few people RP in Quark's on DS9. Also, the lounge at Earth spacedock and Starbase 39-Sierra are spots for RP. If you would like you can also join our interfleet global RP channel Allied Fleet Communication Network (AFCNET) where you will find many people eager to RP.

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Another good place is Drozana Station. A plus is that you can RP with opposite faction members

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I didn't know about that one. I'll have to check that out.

Oh, and ....bump.

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I'm really encouraged by the amount of interest people have for RP in STO on these forums. It really does add a whole new dimension of fun to the game. Sierra Defense Fleet is still recruiting and looking for active members. If you're interested follow the link at the bottom for additional information.

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