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Archived Post 05-08-2010 01:08 PM

Multiple ships at RA
Hi all,

So for all those RA who fly multiple ships, how do you spend
your skill points?

Do you have a 'main' ship class where most of your skill points
are? Do you divide points between 2 or 3 ships and skills?

Example, I am primarily an assault cruiser pilot, with 6 points
in assault cruiser and the rest in plasma beams and quant
projectiles. My main focus otherwise is engineering.

I have all the T5 ships however and to alleviate boredom I
do like to 'change up'. For instance lately I am into my
fleet escort. But I don't have skills in that ship, or even
in cannons lol. Still fun but....

I like being a good assault cruiser pilot, skilled in the right
areas. So Its not I really want to 're-specialize'.

But if I try to cross train my effectiveness in everything will
go down.

So how does everyone handle this? Do you specialize and
stick to one ship? Or do you fly multiple ship types? We
can't be skilled in everything lol

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