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Archived Post 05-10-2010 09:25 AM

C-Store Organization
Since there didn't seem to be a thread on this topic:

Right now the C-Stroe is a jumble between different things - shop skins, playable races, bridges, respecs, etc. Organization could certainly serve to make navigating the store easier for people looking for specific items.

My suggestion would be to take the page and sort each entry into different categories. Hot links or Flash could easily help people go directly to categories that interest them (or possible minimize/ hide categories that don't).

I suggest that the following categories be put in place on the C-Store page to make browsing easier:

[+] Playable races
[+] Federation Races
[+] Klingon Races
[+] Future Faction Races
[+] Ship Variants
[+] Federation Ships
[+] Klingon ships
[+] Future Faction ships
[+] Bridge Variants
[+] Federation Bridges
[+] Klingon Bridges
[+] Future Faction Bridges
[+] Power-Ups
[+] Respec
[+] Rename
[+] Additional Character Slots
[+] Future Items

Obviously, at present the Federation faction is the only faction to enjoy C-Store items (except for bridges, as mentioned in other threads on this board), but this is just a forward-thinking example of better store organization if/ when Cryptic adds options for Klingons and other future factions.

Just my 2 ECs.

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