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Archived Post 05-11-2010 02:53 AM

Cryptic points for Bridge Options?
Recently got my K't'inga (sp) battlecruiser, spent 80 cryptic points for the bridge up-grade. Cryptic-am I missing something here???, when I went to change the appearance of the Battlecruiser (NONE THERE!!!) I could add some paint!, however the bridge upgrade that I decided upon, (the new ones) would not add, just gave me the lowest category, starter bridge, and STO decided to call it a day??-even spent 1000 credits (TWICE) just in case I missed something, still no go--I am getting quite miffed as well about all the *Hooks* in this game, smacks of -*Geez we have put in SOME time into this game, we need to re-coup those high end salaries for the mediocre product we are offering, as quick as we can!!*--:o( please give what we are paying for :confused:

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