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Archived Post 05-17-2010 04:49 PM

Thank you
:) I actually wanted to say THANK YOU.

I have played a number of MMOs over the years...

First... I actually read the story line missions and found them to be addicting. There were a couple extended missions that actually made it feel like I HAD accomplished something. Possibly because I was in no hurry to "level" the time spent on the story lines had a great feel to them.

Second... Exploration missions were a little dry in the beginning but, now I have actually grown fond of them. They are a quick way to try out a new ship configuration or ground skill/weapon.

Third... The fairly constant stream of updates/improvements and what appears to be a genuine interest in improving the game has been refreshing.

Just a suggestion. It would be nice to have an animated person "assign" the mission rather than a static picture. It would also be a nice feature if my bridge officer were animated in some way when sending communications.

I am not sure how to communicate this idea but, when I am on the bridge I noticed most of my officer are busy "working"...maybe somehow using that animation in thier transmissions to me, might make some of the programming a little easier.

Thank you again for all your hard work.

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