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Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:39 AM

Exclusive Screenshots at Zam! has five exclusive shots with special commentary from Craig Zinkievich. Go check them out!

Then, tell us what you think.

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:39 AM

5 New Screenshots at
Have you guys seen these yet?

A nice look at some Klingons, the lovely Akira class U.S.S. Cryptic, an Orion Syndicate ship, and some cargo bay looking area.

Those Akira shots look really nice if you ask me. Gotta be my favorite of this bunch. I've always had a soft spot for that class of ship though, heh. I'm really liking the closer look at the Klingons too, nice to see how their uniforms have finally changed and evolved, and yet are still recognizably Klingon.

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:46 AM

wow wow wow WOW!!!!!!! omg great screenshots ORION WARSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:46 AM

Thanks, its pretty cool

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:47 AM

I just hope the Klingon content is as good as the Fed episodic content.

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:48 AM

Those are very high detailed screenshots, but we don't know for sure how much detail we are going to see in the game itself, we don't all have super graphics cards.. Its nice to hope for such great things though.

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:50 AM

Shiney Happy Star Ship People..

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:52 AM

I have to chuckle at the Klingons... they definitely have an "artistic" look. Also, they appear to be NPC

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:55 AM

So the Orion Syndicate will be like the equivalent of the Defias Brotherhood in WoW - irritating thugs and pirates that catch the peasants unawares and cause all variety of mischief - except a lot less pathetic.

"Ah, a chance to use this freshly sharpened...disruptor array!"

Anyhoo, looks good. Personally, I'd like to see as much showing off of ship variety as possible :) That and action sequences, i.e. weapons fire and such. But beggars can't be choosers, eh? :) I liked the exploding planetoid pic.

Archived Post 03-05-2009 10:55 AM

Woohoo! Akira class! Glad to see that it and its Fifteen Torpedo launchers are confirmed for this game

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