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Archived Post 05-30-2010 09:00 PM

Borg Beam Through Shields?
Okay, so I'm takin out a few Borg Spheres and as I'm hammerin the heck out of em, when they transport drones over to my ship.
All this is to be expected and all, but they do this while my shields are up, through shields fully charged at 100%.

I always thought the Borg couldn't transport to your ship unless you loose your shields, or if they are severely compromised.

Archived Post 05-30-2010 09:02 PM

hahaha, watch TNG or Voyager...borg do whatever the hell they want, including beaming thru active shields. Annoying isn't it?

Archived Post 05-30-2010 09:07 PM

Qoute: "hahaha, watch TNG or Voyager...borg do whatever the hell they want, including beaming thru active shields. Annoying isn't it?"

Actually, I do watch TNG and Voyager, I always thought the Borg drained your shields FIRST then beamed drones over.

Archived Post 05-30-2010 09:49 PM

it depends on the situation.

If the Borg have scanned your shields then your shields frequencies and settings may have been compromised which would allow them to beam through.

This is where whoever is battling the Borg would rotate shield frequencies to try to not only keep the Borg tractor beams from locking on but also prevent beam in.

One thing I wish they would fix is the the shield sections. They need to add dorsal and ventral shield sections so it is correct. That will also fix for more accurate weapons fire. Also it would be nice if they would fix the ship flight so that we can do better dog-fight maneuvers. This would even things up in the PVP or at least make it more interesting.

That's another thing I think Star Trek Legacy does a bit better than STO is fighting ship vs ship in that game felt more like Star Trek. Just a bit more but still...

I think as far as maneuverability goes, Bridge Commander had the best even though it didn't offer as many options to change controls or use joystick (only through third party programs) but the ability to battle either in tactical mode where you view the external view of the ship or in bridge mode with everything happening on your viewscreen with the bridge exploding all around you during battle was excellent and I wish they would add that to STO.

One thing more that I think should be adapted from Bridge Commander is the individual targeting of specific sub-systems. Like being able to knock out just the targets' warp engines, or just the life support, or etc...

Knocking out the life-support would open up a lot of "salvage" situations. Also, being stranded in space until a friendly ship arrives to lend a hand would add a better element to the game.

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