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Archived Post 06-03-2010 01:32 PM

MBP Nvidia Driver Update 197.16 and 257.15
Just throwing it out there cuz I know I'm not the only one working on the USS Baked Potato (aka MacBook Pro Unibody 2008 model, or others). Nvidia has just released updated drivers. I haven't yet tested to see if they run cooler or better on Star Trek Online, as I'm still downloading, but the update notes spout various efficiency improvements that we might benefit from:
Beta -

Please note these were recommended to me by the Nvidia System Update software on my WIndows 7 64 bit installation and that the site recommends getting updates straight from the manufacturer (in this case Apple), but hell, I'm gonna try it out and I'll report back afterwards.

UPDATE: Reporting as promised. I installed the beta version for whatever reason, lol, and it's actually working much better than the original drivers, or any others I tested excepting 197.16. I haven't tried 197.16 but that's the official non-beta release for those of you interested. For more detailed information, I was able to run High Quality on all video settings for half an hour before overheating put my computer in standby. So I lowered my settings to Medium-High quality (as in customized. High quality lighting, low shadows, no reflections, no dynamic lighting, high antialising (8x), 30fps, amongst other optimizations) and the overheating issue hasn't presented itself again though the computer's still running hot.

Overall, it's a worthwhile update. Image quality is better.

UPDATE 2: So on day two of using the beta drivers, my computer cooked itself after environment graphics flickering happening for an hour, granted I was also using plasma grenades like crazy. I'm now installing the 197.16 driver and will report back afterwards.

UPDATE 3: And on day three I've spent quite a bit of game time using the 197.16 drivers and I have to say they overheat just like all the other drivers I've tried. Back to basic settings for me! But at any rate, they do seem to be much more optimized than the others I've tried for those wondering if it's worthwhile at least for that. Good luck!

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