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Tech Forum 101: Please Read First! (Updated!)
Hey all,

Implausible here with a few tips to help you navigate our PC Technical Forums. If you are here then you’re running in to a technical issue, well you have come to the right place. However, we do have some guidelines that will help you find a solution and (or) help us collect your information and try to get you a solution.

Before you make a post, look for other posts and check the sticky topics in the forums

The primary purpose we have for sticky topics are to address the top issues. We post these at the top of the page in hopes to gain the most visibility. If you and 20 other people all make new threads we may not be able to get to your question or issue quickly enough. In order to make sure your issue is addressed please post in threads that have already been created that is the same as your issue. Do not hijack another thread by saying “this isn’t my issue, my issue is xxxx”. If you do not see any threads on your issue, then please make a new post. If you do need to make a new post, please keep the subject line on topic for your issue. There is no need to post in all caps, obscenities, or “!!!!” in the subject to get our attention, we are actively watching the forums. Keep in mind hijacking threads or inappropriate subjects are against our forum rules and not following the forum rules could result in you not being able to post anymore.

Remember: It takes time to fix things

We all want things fixed immediately when things are not working correctly or broken, but it takes time to reproduce, find the problem, and implement fixes. If a Cryptic Employee posts a notice saying we are working on something, please believe that we will post again as soon as we have an answer. Please be patient, and know we are working as fast as we can.

No need to get my mom involved

Helping others find a solution makes everyone’s life a little easier. I know we all get frustrated when we have an issue that keeps us from playing. But, “flaming” other users or “trolling” only makes other players mad and is against forum policy (see warning above about forum policy). Besides, it doesn’t help anyone find a solution. Remember the golden rule, “he who lives in glass houses” …. Wait, not that one, oh yea,
“Treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Personal messages and Dev’s

Please do not PM the dev’s if you have an issue follow the appropriate steps. The dev’s for the most part are not going to be able to reply, or even help you with your issue since we all work on different systems/components of the game. A customer support ticket will ensure that your issue is handled correctly.

Billing or Account related issues

Please DO NOT post account and billing related issues as these tend to contain sensitive and personal information. First you should never post account/personal information in the forums, second we will *never* ask you for confidential/personal information in the forums. As such, if you have billing issues please visit our billing support page at: Here you will find many FAQs and the ways to contact billing directly. Please keep in mind if you have submitted a Billing ticket, please be patient they process the tickets in the order that they are received as we do.

Over clocking your system

We know many people like to push their systems to the limit. However, we do not recommend over clocking your computer in any shape or form. Star Trek online has a very high demand for CPU power, and other system resources. Over clocking your system can lead to issues with crashing, system over heating (hardware failure), and graphical instability. First thing to try if you are experiencing these issues is to restore you system to the factory defaults and attempt to run the game again.

Spamming and Foul language

The tech support forums is a place where people come for assistance with their technical issues.
Please be aware that there is no tolerance for spamming, trolling, or foul language in this forum. Both Cryptic moderators and community members will address issues posted here in an attempt to help out users with technical issues as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind our forum usage policies when posting. Please follow the links below for our Forum Usage Guidelines and Infraction Policies.

Posting in a old thread (Necro posting)

Necro posting is making a post in an old thread that has been idle a few weeks or more. If you have an issue most likely it may be similar to the one posted 4+ months ago, but not the same. If you have an issue that hasn't been reported with in a few weeks its ok to start a new thread. This makes new issues easier to track down for the developers.

Cryptic Studios Forum Usage Guidelines

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