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Archived Post 06-14-2010 06:55 AM

To Cryptic: How to fix Sci Ships! Perfect solution!
Solution to make science ships more fun and slightly more effective:

- Un-nerf the consoles back to +30
- Make it so sci consoles don't stack higher than +50!
- Give Sci ships +15 Aux

(Make 1 console give +30 and cap the points at 50... making it usefull to run maximum 2 consoles at the time!)

This would make it possible to spread your abilities, instead of stacking towards one ability and running only that one. Then we could hit more than one ability at once and the combined effect would be enough to make a difference! The way it is now, we have to put all our skill points and consoles towards one ability just to make it do anything at all...

At the same time, it would eliminate the overpowered sci-abilities coming from people running 4x pre-nerf consoles and getting a total of +120 to spatial anomaly! I think most of the nerf-cries are caused by theese people! (don't get me wrong, if i had them I'd be running them with a broad smile on my face :D )

Tuning the game too suit only the very first people who bought it is a sure way to scare off new players!

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