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Archived Post 06-15-2010 08:37 PM

Synergy Fleet is Recruiting
I would first like to introduce myself. I am Princess from The Synergy Fleet. We have been around since open beta began and have grown tremendously. We have a very active fleet and also have Ventrilo. We are a community based fleet where our members opinions count. We have tons of awards made by one of our awesome members who's name is @Saint-C. We also have a very awesome and dedicated Fleet Leader who is @Badhabitz. We also have awesome admin help as well as fleet divisions such as; Communications, Security, Tactical, Science, Personnel, Engineering, Diplomacy, Crafting, and also Academy. We can have anywhere from 10-30 members on Ventrilo at all times as well as we do lots of fleet events together. Each division has a day where they have an event that they host. We also run the STF's everyday as well. We can have anywhere from 3-7 STF groups a day. We just had to make a Synergy Alt fleet because our main fleet has grown almost to 500, and 500 is the limit you can have for your fleet, in game. We also have a very organized and awesome website that you can check out and the website address is We are a very fast growing community and have new members join us each day. We also love helping level lower level members, to get them to RA5 so they can go do the STF's with us. We care for each and every one of our members and no member is left behind or forgotten. We are also very interested in fleet alliances. We also have a Klingon fleet which is soon to be as awesome as our fed fleet. There are also full video tutorials on our website of Infected, as well as Terradome. If you go to just click on downloads and then once you are there, click on Synergy STO guides. Once you are there, you will see the Terradome and the Infected videos. Once you download those, you will be able to watch a complete tutorial on both STF's. I find them very interesting and very helpful and it has helped a lot of members as well as others who are not even in Synergy, to get thru the STF's easier. We also have the Cure video that is going to be posted soon as well, so make sure to keep an eye on that!!! :P So be sure to check our website out as well as the video tutorials, and also if anyone is looking for a very helpful and active fleet who do fleet events together everyday, be sure to go to our site and sign up with your @name and then put an application in on our forums under the new applicants section. Or you can contact me in game, @Budafly!!! :p Hope to see ya in game!!!!! ;) Our web address again is, Have fun flying!!!!! :D I just want to add that we have a RP subdivision now as well as a Klingon Fleet and also do PvP. So we are getting something for everyone!!!! :P See yas!!!!! ;)

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A friendly bump from your allies at Aurora Fleet. :)

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