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Archived Post 06-25-2010 03:07 PM

morning patch screwed something up?
went to b'tran and engaged a few ships only to find no weapons graphics, tho shields hit were visible. restarting from the launcher seems to have corrected this. I'ld put up screenies, but they're corrupted. also, while in transit, and at SB1, there was some kind of streaking. screenie:

Archived Post 06-26-2010 02:52 PM

latest update screwed something up
This latest patch has caused my gameplay to be slower and now there are these slight hesitations when I am moving my starship around. I haven't experienced this before with this game. I have an NVidia GeForce 9800 GT graphics card with 1GB of video memory. The game has worked like a charm before this last patch update.

Archived Post 06-30-2010 09:36 AM

well, whatever it was, it's been gone for the past 5 days. may be a one time anomaly.

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