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Archived Post 07-15-2010 01:42 PM

Need info on the new Bridge Officer slots...
I'm confused on the matter of the extra Bridge Officer slots in the C-Store...
yes, I know it's only for one character and I'm fine with it... 400 CP, a bit high but again I'm fine with that...

The thing I need clarification on is the mechanic of the thing... is it only once on a single ship or will this transfer to other ships I have on my main character and every ship he will eventually gain?

Does this open up the ability to use additional Bridge Officers per ship OR does this open up slots for their in-space abilities?

The descriptions of the items in the C-Store are very... how shall I call it... cryptic if you will...

Archived Post 07-15-2010 01:49 PM

I don't believe it does either of the things you think. From what I understand all it does is allow you to commission more bridge officers. The things you're thinking of would be a huge and game changing thing.

Archived Post 07-15-2010 02:02 PM

officer only gives you more "Comissioned officers" so you have more options on away teams/ships etc. It does not give you more boff for your ships or to take on away teams.

Honestly i cant fathom why anyone would purchase this, i have so many boff that i don't use, that i even sell many of them on the exchange.

Archived Post 07-15-2010 02:03 PM

Heh, no they are not extra bridge offer stations on ships. As stated above that would totally throw things out of whack.

The additional BOFF slots are for the crew that you commission.

By default, you get :

12 candidate slots
10 bridge office slots <------additional C-Store boff slots apply here
3-5 bridge officer stations (depending on the ship)

Archived Post 07-15-2010 02:09 PM

ok... NOW... the 400 CP's are looking alot more ridonculous... I will not pay 400 CP's for that... I only use the officers I already have anyway...

Archived Post 07-15-2010 05:14 PM

And they're per character, not per account.

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