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Archived Post 07-15-2010 11:51 PM

C-Store Suggestions
I would like to see one modification of an existing C-Store purchase and another one added.

If you buy the Rename Token, you should get to change ALL of your toons names not just the short name he known by. Yes I know you can spend Merits/Honor to do this but at low levels you don't have nearly enough, let alone enough to actually use this game function. So if you are going to spend the cash, you should get to change ALL of the name fields, not just the Short name.

New Addition
This is also aimed at low level characters who don't have the 3000+ merits to spend on it.... you should be able to purchase a Ship Name and Regestry change in the C-Store. Sure, an RA 5 can probably afford it but when you are Lt. or Lt. Cmdr, you don't have the 3000 merits it takes to fix an annoying typo. Yeah I should have paid more attention but if we can rename our characters with a purchase from the C-Store, why not our ships?

Thank you for your consideration.

Archived Post 07-16-2010 04:32 AM

It would be nice if all of this was bundled together into the Rename token -- rename for your short and long name, along with your ships and even your bridge officers. Would justify the cost, then.

Archived Post 07-18-2010 04:33 AM

would be nice if all of this was ingame, rather than out of game for them to make money off of us with.
Cryptic is taking the ****.

Ive seen paid for content and bought content from the official site before, but this is just ****.

Things that should be ingame, are in the C-Store, and things that are not in the game that arent in the C-Store are just either forgotten about or coming soon.
Coming soon lol whatever cryptic. I like STO, its ok. but hell cryptic. stop charging ppl for **** thats meant to be in the bloody game.
Just cause they fk'd up before release, they think its ok to release an unfinished game. then start adding **** thats meant for season 2 in the C-Store.

Well. Aslong as ppl keep buying **** off of the C-Store, they will keep putting junk there. which means you'll be having to spend extra money to play the game. including the subscription.

So glad im an eve online guy. more to do in just one station than there is in the entire STO game.
Seriously. you must be either 12 years old. or fkn dumb to spend money in the C-Store.
They are only doing it to get extra money out of you guys.
Oh wait. most of the C-Store purchases must of been by yanks. LoL no helping ******* then.

Cryptic should just sell all there rights to someone with more games development experience.
Cryptic are just useless.

There should be a law against devs releaseing **** unfinished. games devs or any devs for that matter.

Nuff Said.

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