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Archived Post 03-23-2009 10:32 AM

Meet the Team - Steve Nix
Combat is one of the most exciting aspects of any MMO and this week, you get to meet the Combat designer for Star Trek Online, Steve Nix. A little known fact? Steve Nix was the guy that helped Awen learn how to play the game. Before his expert tutelage, she kept dying... a LOT!

Enjoy and then talk about it!

Archived Post 03-23-2009 10:38 AM

Looking forward to seeing your teams combat systems for STO.

Archived Post 03-23-2009 10:39 AM

cool guy, not the average trekkie as far as the meet the team tells me but a man of principle and ideals.
Think he is well suited for the job of designing the combat.:D

Archived Post 03-23-2009 10:44 AM

can't wait to see what you can do

Archived Post 03-23-2009 10:52 AM

Nice to meet ya!!

- Dahakra

Archived Post 03-23-2009 11:00 AM

Good to meet "new blood" pirate! ;)

Archived Post 03-23-2009 11:16 AM

great to meet you.

keep on with the work put in the overtime cant wait for much longer lol.

o and ps send me a tutorial ;)

Archived Post 03-23-2009 11:16 AM

I am glad to see some new information on the team. Steve Nix:D I never knew that the singer was also a good video game designer:D Sorry I just had to when I saw Steve Nix:o Well I hope for prospering ventures in your future;)

Archived Post 03-23-2009 11:27 AM

I have a lets say creative mind when I approach combat. I know that you want to keep the details under wraps but I love coming up with innovative solutions to problems lets make a hypnotically scenario I find myself facing off against a superior starship, I look around my environment. I have a buddy who is on his way but I may not last that long I need to stall for time there is a asteroid field near by and I have a high experience at navigation or I could run for a class J planet using it high gravity to slow down both our speeds or make a dash out of the system to a nearby nebula that I can hopefully lose him in. is this the direction you are looking? If not I would strongly consider it.

Archived Post 03-23-2009 11:43 AM

Awesome, great to meet you Steve, can't wait to test out the combat system. :)

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