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Archived Post 07-22-2010 03:44 PM

Friend Referral Program Questions.
When the RAF program was released, the 5-Friend Referral Grand Prize was a GalX ship. What seemed only a short time later, a couple weeks ago from now, the GalX became available in the C-Store. At that time Cryptic offered a bonus ($50 CP ?) to the "handful" of people who had already qualified for the GalX. There was (still is? :rolleyes:) much gnashing of teeth over this and Cryptic even pushed back the qualifying period for the bonus another month.

So my question is, with GalX in the C-Store, is the RAF still in affect?

Right now I have one completed paid referral (game and sub). I had that done early-on and got the Holo-Tribble, Holo-BO, Recruiter title, and 400CP already in the bag before the GalX hit the C-Store. Check.

Since then, though I have a second friend who's bought the game ("Upgraded"), is playing, and is commited to sub (due to be "Billed" near the end of July). When he goes to Billed, will I still get those 400CP?

I've got two people on the hook ("Offered"), who may or may not buy/sub. Assuming they do, and if I happen to find a fifth victim, uh, I mean paying player ;) then I wonder: Is there still a 5x Friend Referal Prize that includes the 400 (additional) CP, Master Recruiter title, and most importantly, the GalX? I don't expect the "$50 Bonus CP" or anything, just the original offer, is that still available?

Last question, Is the Level 1 Player bonus still in affect? My dad plays STO, and I we got a referral for him, who was just Offered the other day? If that player gets to Upgraded, does dad get the Holo Tribble still? And on Billed get the Holo-BO, 400CP, and Recruiter title?

Probably all too wordy, sorry. But Thanks in advance to whomever can clear this up.

Archived Post 07-22-2010 04:05 PM

From how I understand it the RAF is not going away any time soon. If you can get five referrals you should get the Galaxy-X for free once your fifth one gets billed. You just won't get the 4k CP kickback.

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