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Axis of AnArchy is now recruiting
The Axis of AnArchy is a new fleet that formed immediately following the live launch of STO. We are trying to reconstruct the feeling of a Chain of Command, but the main purpose of the fleet is patroling the universe, assisting players that need it, and collecting and storing tresures in order to assit other lower-level officers.

Find/Craft treasures enough treasured items, help enough people, or just whoop @$$ in some PvE/PvP missions, and you get promotions. Once you are promoted to a certain rank, you may be given your own division within the fleet focusing on your own specialty.

We are currently a small fleet that is struggling somewhat to recruit quality players/rp'ers, since all the big league fleets are crowding us out, but we would be honored if you would join us over them.

To join The Axis of AnArchy, just go to our website & fill out the application there by clicking on the "Join Axos of AnArchy KDF" link at the top of the screen.
Once your application is approved there, one of our officers will invite you to the fleet in-game A.S.A.P.
This is our fleet website

Thank you for your consideration.

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We are still recruiting
We are still recruiting.

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We are still recruiting.
We are still recruiting.

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