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Archived Post 07-26-2010 08:40 AM

The C-Store Infos in Game and from Website say the traits:

Looking for things to make you go? Try creating a Federation Pakled Officer! These Captains begin with the Dumb Luck trait (40% increase in susceptibility to placate and confuse powers, 20% percent increase in susceptibility to holds, 6% increase in Critical frequency). They may choose three additional traits. Note: Purchase of this option unlocks it for every character slot on an account.

as i have buy it and make a Pakled the Dumb Luck trait has the follow stats:

+4% critical chance
-30% hold resistance
-30% confuse resistance
-30% placate resistance

Is this a bug on the Dumb Luck Trait or u think really that the negatives on this trait is a good trade off for 1% extra crit to the normal 3% critcal chance that other races can get from the normal Lucky trait? And by the way the Infos on the Store then are misguiding.

Without the the extra 2% crit chance bonus this trait is not even to Lucky traits it is absolute bad if you take so massive resist penalty. I hope it is only a Bug, if not at least 2 of the penalty should be removed or the percant penalty reduced to only -10% each or the trait should get extra other boni.

Archived Post 07-26-2010 10:09 AM

If anything the numbers are off, not the negative stats. They are meant to be negative, it even says it has an increase to susceptability to hold, placate, and confuse. they should be -20% hold -40% confuse and placate according to the section you have recolored. Now the Crit chance should be 6%, not 4%.

Now, I don't think having that large a trade-off is worth it, which is why I haven't started one yet. heh

Archived Post 07-26-2010 10:24 AM

My all pakled crew does hit pretty hard. I like it. I just haven't gotten around to spending enough time to level them up much yet.

Archived Post 10-13-2010 09:39 AM

I really wish someone of Cryptic to answer this thread.
I feel a bit betrayed by this. Just bought the Pakled race Option to find out, that the race trait isnt as promised.

So please fix this! We spent money for this and we want to get what is labelled !

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