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Archived Post 07-28-2010 01:17 PM

Upcoming releases?
Upcoming C-Store Release
We are working on plan for what new items will be available in the C-Store during Season 2. Here is a list of the items that are already in development and on the schedule. More to follow in future engineering reports.

Season 2 C-Store Items
  • New Off-Duty Costumes Types
  • - Merc Outfits
  • - Formal Wear
  • New Ships
  • - Excelsior
  • - Nebula
  • New Species
  • - Aenar
  • - Kzinti
  • - Talaxian

Any word on those? Want me a Klingon kitty!

Archived Post 07-30-2010 10:43 PM

any idea when to expect the new uniforms options. I'm kinda excited to be able to purchase extra clothing slots to allow me to have these new options to wear. Have the money ready to buy cryptic points for when they actually go live.

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