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Archived Post 07-28-2010 02:23 PM

House always Wins - Sulfur My Wraith - NEW BUG - Ticket ID #931,098.
Previously on Tribble this mission bugged at the 'kill s'gen part which is now fixed.
However it is now stuck at the 'find evidence' bullet point in the mission list.
After progressing from the kill s'gen, find computer logs goes through, and then you have to 'find evidence'. This takes you to the next room along where you click or activate the flashing romulan crate. The crate does vanish, and you get the follow-up bridge officer dialogue window telling you to go and confront Torg, but the mission window on the right hand side does not update beyond that part.
Torg is there, stood by his throne - and you can attack him, he then disappears and ports in some other guys for you to fight. After this though, nothing happens as I'm presuming the mission should trigger more dialogue that is plainly stuck at the previous point.
If you could fix this at your earliest convenience that would be cool :)

Archived Post 07-28-2010 04:14 PM

Yes, stuck at same point in this episode.

Ticket #931,314.

Archived Post 07-28-2010 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by psifire (Post 2897614)
Yes, stuck at same point in this episode.

Ticket #931,314.

me too put in a ticket hope they repair it soon

Archived Post 07-28-2010 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Sporak
me too put in a ticket hope they repair it soon

Me three . .

# 931 511

Its a pain as I completed this one on tribble.

Archived Post 07-28-2010 07:29 PM

I have this issue as well..

In addition, I beamed up to my ship hoping I could just make the map reset only to discover it took me back to Qo'nos with no "continue" popup... so I had to drop the mission entirely. I hope this gets fixed soon as it's a serious setback to leveling my KDF toon (i want to do the story missions in proper order).

Archived Post 07-28-2010 07:54 PM

broken for me too

Archived Post 07-28-2010 07:56 PM

Same issue, also took me back to Qo'Nos. However, I flew back to Gorath system and I get the continue option. I am going to let map reset and try again.

Archived Post 07-28-2010 09:30 PM

Aye, flying back to Gorath, where House Torg is, gets you the option to continue. Still waiting a bit to make sure it resets before I give it another go myself.

One other thing -- when I got the crate of evidence, the dialog window came up, but then it closed itself instantly and I didn't get any credit for the objective. Not sure if the self-closing dialog is significant, but it's another detail from my own experience. Hoping this gets fixed soon so we can all play through this.

Archived Post 07-28-2010 09:45 PM

Same issue here.

However, I aborted the mission, flew to Gorath from Qo'nos (took a while, might have reseted the map?), re-entered the "Sulfur My Wraith" mission stage and re-did the mission up to the Evidence. I don't know if it makes any difference, but this time I used the mouse to interact with the container (on a previous attempt, I used the 'f' key) and I was able to click "Continue" (?) on the following dialogue before the container was transported out. This time, the mission objective was correctly updated and I was able to finish the mission successfully.

While this workaround may help you to finish the mission, the bug does need to be fixed, it sticks out like a sore thumb in otherwise immersive mission flow.

Archived Post 07-29-2010 01:33 AM

Yes, yet another person who cant complete this mission here.
exact same issue.

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