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BASE jumping out of the USS Obsidian
Has anyone else noticed this? On the mission 'Suspect', for the sub-section 'A Calming Influence', you board the USS Obsidian, where telepathic crewmembers (Vulcans, Betazoids, etc.) are going nuts. There is a door in a corridor just around the corner from where you enter-- a door which LEADS TO OPEN SPACE. The door won't open, but to either side of the door are open panels... you can walk right out into space and BASE jump to your doom.

Video at

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Similar bug in 'War Games' at

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1.0 for style

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OMG Look at the textures around the bridge, it's a freakin' Holodeck!!! No wonder it has no functionality, captains have come across this before in trek! :D

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