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Join Black Legion Knights is recruiting
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Contact from the dark frontier
We recently chatted online regarding one of my posts about Klingon Ships - I decided to start a wiki called Dark Frontier. Hope you will keep it in mind -

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The Klingon Project

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This is exactly what Leonheart forbade people to do in the first post of the Klingon Project. Why not show you the same courtesy? I hope your recruitments go well Sa'Chang. I am not sure if we are recruiting yet in the MHOK because I have not been on this week. Finals in college taking all my time. I do ask though that a moderator remove that KLingon project post for you.

All in all I just stopped by to wish you well on your recruitment efforts and give you a shameless bump to the top.:D

Mad House of Kah'Less

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Originally Posted by Chang67 (Post 3009902)
We are open to recruiting new warriors into our fleet. If your looking for a mature fleet please inquire with anyone of our members. We hopes to set up more pvp and pve teams to make our fleet grow and help to make the KDF faction a better game play and to preserve the KDF faction.

Although I'm not here to join your fleet, I do have an offer to make: Your Klingon Fleet seems to be active, please visit:

Your post that I quoted tells me that you are dedicated to your Klingon Faction, as we are to our Federation. We seek a nemesis, as the above link shows, but not just any Klingon Fleet. We want an enemy that we can count on for a challenge, and one that fights with frequency and honor.

Your Black Legion Knights just might fit the bill, so please respond to the linked thread.

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Simulated War In Star Trek Online
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Simulated War!!
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