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Archived Post 08-01-2010 11:45 AM

Starfleet support skill
can you look at the requirments for its use. the cool down is fine imho but the 50% hull thing is to restricting i dont know about other people but if im at 50% it means im dead lol . i have most likely used all my tanking buffs and my shields are gone and its way to late for anything to save me =p

Archived Post 08-01-2010 03:56 PM

I agree. Once you're below 50%, its time to start hitting 'go down fighting' & 'abandon ship'. In addition to being out of buffs, most of your vital officers will be in sick bay, so the various buffs and ship repairs don't work anyway.

Archived Post 08-01-2010 08:21 PM

I have no issues with this ability as it currently stands and this is why...

At 50% you should only then be looking at applying your Repairs for Hull and Shield. Pop RSP and then Hazard Emitters / Engineering Team to get your Shields and Hull Back up to strength.

Sounds like you both have issues with your build / game play. The amount of times where people that play PVP hit RSP when 1 side of the shield is down is to common.

Learn to transfer power between shield sides. Hit Evasive Maneuver, to point your shields to the other side of the incomming fire. Pop Aceton Field to reduce damage by 50% on incomming fire from the target hitting you the hardest.

Do anything to keep your shields up without using Major Abilities, Rotate Shield Frequency for example, most of all learn the order to use them in etc.

I personally think that 50% is a good % for this to be activated, its meant to give you a hand not take on the battle for you. Look at players that use Photonic Fleet when do they Pop this ability, when they are about 50%, they do not use it at the start of the fight.

Look at the Keldon NPC when do they use Photonic Fleet with 2 other ships that help out, its about 30%.

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