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Archived Post 08-04-2010 03:46 AM

id like to thank cryptic
Why well in one fell swoop they have inefect destroyed this game or at least the biggest part that keeps me playing.

PvP takes me a whole day just to get my daily missions done on my toons & thats my fed toons.
iv all but given up on getting pvp done on my klings.
the Btran & azlesa runs elite for va & ltg easy enough except for the drops nad nothing but batteries & repair kits squat else.
Daily fleet actions (big dig gave up on that joke).

So id just like to thank cryptic for making the biggest part of the game for me (pvp) a total joke.

how can this mess well i dont know if they can , but a good start would be to sort the pvp asap.
by taking away the option of engage snooze or leave.
If some one queues up for a pvp it takes then right to it no option maybe then you wont get time wasters queue up then leaving or snoozing if it doesnt suit them to join at that exact point in time.

Come on cryptic i paid $600+ for this game x2 life time subs & right now it blows.
Also i noticed yesterday & this is where the fun will begin each of my 3 fed toons had cracked planet / solar winds pvp.
In nearly all of those matches (only managed to get 8 out of 9 completed btw (full day 8am till midnight)
there were people in the defiant or Gx just hiding like oooh i dont wanna get shot at.
Like i said federation should not have cloak simple as that .
I have heard people say klingons do that i have never done that in my kling toons & never will iv fought out numbered 3 to 1 and more & wouldnt waste the game for anyone.
On a good few occassions i have been in a pvp where there is 1 fed vs 3 klings i have urged the klings to decloak & remove shields so that the game will finish quicker.
As to get on with the next one in the hope that , that would be a fairer game.

SO cryptic one way of half putting right what you have currently put wrong is remove the option to leave or snooze on pvp`s
& remove the fed cloak give the defiant 2 commander slots thats fine give the Gx some other special other than cloak.
If people want cloak badly enough let them rank a kling or romulan when they get released.

Oh & for the love of god fix the drops in the btran & azlesa.

Archived Post 08-04-2010 07:11 PM

MHMMMMM. Yeah, tell that to the Feds. We've had Klingons come up to us OUT OF NOWHERE and kill groups of us in less than 2 seconds. ALL THE TIME. Now, I see this as evening the playing field, we needed SOMETHING to help us, and the 2 ships that have cloaking are helping us. Now, compared to you, with EVERY ship having a cloaking device, the odds are still in you're favor. It's not a joke, you just need to think smarter than us, and do some teamwork, THAT will let you win, cause before, I think I only had 2 matches in basically a MONTH of constant PVP that the Feds have won....and we we're coordinating too! So, yeah, that's how the cookie crumbles. My friend, just to let you know, I own both the Defiant and the Dreadnaught, but I would rather let my Assault Cruiser to do the talking.

I do agree with the drop thing, Cryptic,!

Archived Post 08-04-2010 07:23 PM

Feds having cloak isn't that big of a deal. But the release notes for tomorrow mention fixes to the PvP issue which is of particular interest to me. Hopefully it will make all of our PvP experiences a little better.

Archived Post 08-04-2010 07:35 PM

I must say, the original post in this thread came across as quite rude and snotty and rather immature. I can understand being upset, but the cynicism was way overboard. The saying "you catch more flies with honey" applies here. Sitting here bashing the STO team's work, time and effort (them and their game, basically) is likely not going to inspire them to make the changes the OP wants to see. It wouldn't have that effect upon me if I were them.

There is such a thing as communicating in a civil, reasonably mature manner and raising concerns/complaints and providing feedback in a meaningful and appropriate manner. The manner in which people express themselves says a lot about the person and their state of mind / level of maturity.

To counterpoint the OP... while there are in fact bugs/flaws in the game, and much that can be improved upon, overall, I think the game is doing fine and is in good shape. There are many good things lined up coming our way in the future and I look forward to them. Nothing is ever going to be perfect - this isn't the Omega Particle after all - but the state of the game is improving with time and additional work put in on it. Thank you Cryptic for all you have done and are planning to do moving forward. Not everyone thinks you and the game suck. There are many of us players who feel you are doing a fine job and appreciate your dedication and attention to detail and we support you.

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