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Archived Post 08-05-2010 06:26 PM

Emblems somting new ? Yes another payment idea, I'am loosing the road here medals embelms credits, Merits .
Ok be serious ! I'am an Engine a shield an deflector 70 emblems a weapons 30 emblems !
Euh let me see !!!

Once a day PVP and Exploration is 6 Emblems and normal vice admiral is 1 embelm . yeah !
Its about 12 exploration once a day 12 days with PVP also ist that a bit boring people .
12 days maybe more to just get one engine or shield .
why did't they just do it like normal exploration 75 points that you can buy one weapon per 3 missions ,
I thought that was long but now playing a while it ist that hard annymore but 3 emblem it's just stupid .
Yes and then you have the critics they say if you don't like the chatteren change the channel .
Like how STO is the only one I know who build such a good game .
But i'am just saying that this is just stupid I think it should be like 10 or 15 emblems .

Hmmm rest of the game is still fun and please widen VA Space in the Btran a little 25 ships in a box is verry tight you know I almost getting clausterfobic in there ....

And another thing Some anomelies don't work and some AID the planets aint working also VA Space when you do Aid the Planet it doest give you annything in return !!!
Also the Plasma is still no where to be found and I like to finish research one day .
And days ago before season 2 was lauched I was shooting borg or someting else I getting stuff like shields amor or weapons .
Now I'am only getting medic stuuf and shield buffs .
I already put a big report in the bug section but not sure if you guys missed my reports or there is just far to manny .

Hope you are working on it HH greets Tyron

P.S. Emblems counting ist correct I allready put in a ticket so Wories !!!

Archived Post 08-05-2010 10:31 PM

Badge System
Boring but griding badges are meant to be. On the upside unlike WOW you will not be doing it all over every 90 for new set of gear. If you think STO is bad you had grid a PVE set and PVP set within 90. WOW reset there gear every 90 days. So your old stuff going no were but down hill in WOW. I would rather have gear that takes forever to get but once you got it you got it. Grant it may take 4 months to gear yourself but once you are done you are done.

Archived Post 08-06-2010 12:18 AM

Read !!!
You Guys don't read !

I told you I'Am verry HAPPY with STO and i'am not going to leave STO !!!!
And I don't wanna do starwars or what ever because thats just for its fake startrek says someting about are future and this is a little peace of it back and im honort .

Live long and Prosper Greets Tyron

Archived Post 08-13-2010 11:51 AM

Your forum posts are universally nonsensical and terribly humorous. This has nothing to do with the language you speak, you just post random stuff :confused:

Archived Post 08-24-2010 04:08 AM

What ever
You find it a joke i do not smart ass

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