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Archived Post 08-07-2010 03:32 AM

Working with all the bridges interior I miss most the sound !

For example most games from startrek has sound .
Look at the expansion of startrek Elite Force and when walking around the bridge they talking to each other .
Is't it posible to create a tool wether people can record sound into a crew member when loading STO you also loading your own sound or to begin with combat sounds would be nice not all the reading I tried to implement voice text to sound reader but that did't work .
If I go over the space station all i hear beeb and beeb nothing else .
Maybe someting for season four !!!

Archived Post 08-07-2010 10:32 AM

You never know?

The new Klingon MIssion "Bringing down the house" actually has some abience.
In the bat'leth tournament ara there you have klingons singing klingon songs.

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