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Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:05 PM

Ask Cryptic: August 9, 2010
Welcome to the latest installment of Ask Cryptic, where we put your questions to the devs. This edition Star Trek Online's Executive Producer, Dan Stahl, answers questions about UGC, Bridge Officer VO, and the future of Star Trek Online.

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Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:19 PM

Awesome, my question was answered. Great to know my old officers could potentially be upgraded.

Lots of questions this time around, and answers to boot. I enjoyed reading it.

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:22 PM

Sounds like some great changes are coming, I can't wait! :D

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:26 PM

I purchased the Ferengi holoemitter and used it once and it is gone, I would not have spent so much playing dabo if I new it was a one time item. Are there any other similar complaints and/or plans to change this?

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:29 PM

My thanks to dstahl for answering some of my questions. =)

Admittedly, still curious as to the others I asked, but can't have everything all at once.

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:30 PM

Excellent news, Looking forward to all those T5 Ships, keep up the good work guys !!

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:36 PM

I find it pretty embarrassing that, as a grown up man of 30+ I still got giddy and excited reading that.

Thanks folks - the direction of Seasons 1 and 2 has been great, please bring on more of the same.

The games not quite there yet, but it's still amazing progress in the time it's had and - despite the flaws - I curiously can't seem to stop playing...

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:36 PM

I thank you so much for this Q&A has given me hope again on the RP side that I was about to drop as not going to happen.

Thank you so much for answering this very general question of mine and showing that there is care about the smaller parts of the game.

Archived Post 08-09-2010 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Grannamoth
I purchased the Ferengi holoemitter and used it once and it is gone, I would not have spent so much playing dabo if I new it was a one time item. Are there any other similar complaints and/or plans to change this?

in game when you buy the emitter it does say one time use 15 minutes.

There where a few questions that did get repeated and majority of the answers in this was, I DONT KNOW or NOT NOW BUT LATER ON, which to me is like i dont know. I can only say at least its a truth response and not a half canned response to maybe it will maybe it wont. Ill give you that much. My thoughts are you should have a schedule up about whats going to be major in each overhaul and if its not ready for testing then send a statement out that says it has problems and we have to push it back.

One questions i know was constant on the list and did not get put to the EP was about fleet function. Will fleet be allowed to do things in STO such as sector space control outpost

Archived Post 08-09-2010 02:01 PM


Q: Sonaos: Are we ever going to see a system that can up-grade our commissioned bridge officers from standard traits to superior?

A: While we are still debating the design of a possible respect trait feature one thing we are definitely moving forward with is the concept of promoting your Bridge Officers to higher stations within the ships. This could be a First Officer or a Chief Engineer, or a Chief Medical Officer. There would be requirements and benefits for bridge officers that get promoted. We look at this as one additional way to take those officers you found early in your career and have them advance with you. At some point you will also be able to rank up a bridge officer to the point where they can become their own Captain and you can convert them to a new character slot and play them as if they were a new character.
I really like this Idea. Especially the Idea of the Bridge officer eventually becoming his own Captian and becoming a new character. It would even be great if they used that way to allow players to basically create characters above level 1, or level 6 on Klingon side. With the option to skip the tutorial in order to get those extra levels. Maybe not an automatic new level 51, but perhaps a level 11. :)

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