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Archived Post 08-15-2010 01:21 PM

Mission impossible?
I have a serious concern about ground mission balance. In normal difficulty, both space and land battles are far too easy. You just can't die, except if you're screwing something up really badly.
But if you increase the difficulty to Advanced, space combat becomes more fun and challenging, while land battles become impossible. AI performs poor with my bridge officers and I'm always outnumbered at least 1,5:1 in battles. The Klingons are stronger (more than double HP and similar shield strength), so it's no problem to them to come close to me, draw their Bath'Leths and slice me into pieces with two strikes. They also tend to attack the player instead of the bridge officers, so they charge in pack you. If you survive the first wave of their attack, you're definitely on low HP and 0 shield. Also, their sowrdmasters and armament officers deal so many damage that with one shot/blow they disable your shields and from there you're hopeless.

Am I the only one who thinks that land battles are unbalanced? How should I kill 10 Klingons with their targs, Bath'Leths, powerful guns and double HP? Am I doing something wrong? Why I fail on the ground while I can easily win in the space?

Archived Post 08-15-2010 03:26 PM

its not impossible it is only difficult.

If you can not win head on then use tactics, crowd control, stunds, snares, fall back ..

Archived Post 08-16-2010 12:20 AM

With all due respect, I can't see how tactics can help me at all. I can't hide behind objects because they can shoot through them and if not, they cut down my men quickly without me. AI is really poor with crewmen. They're rolling and jumping, but barely fire or use their special ability - not so ofthen as they could anyway.
Also, Klingons don't have to affraid tactics. They only come to me, draw their weapons and slice me into small pieces in no time. When two or three are on me, what tactics could help? Also, if I somehow manage to get out of their sight, they simply beam down backup to their lost men and gain 100% HP, so I'm where I started.
But the main problem is that it's not only the Klingons. They're especially, because their meele weapons kill you in two or three blows, but any other race you may encounter is fearsome. HP is double or more than yours, shields are equal or stronger, they work always in 7-11 packs, including at least 2 officers with nasty skills and huge DPS. Is the Federation is the Federation of the "Most Pathetic and Weakest Species of the Galaxy"?

Archived Post 08-16-2010 10:26 AM

I have a Sci Admiral i've played on Advanced since the option came out. I think I was somewhere in the Romulan Sector doing LtCmdr Missions at that point. I never had any real trouble then. I also have no real trouble fighting Klinks with my Lt7 Engineer either. So impossible isn't the word here.

You may want to try this:

I'll position my men using a waypoint somewhere safe and strategically advantageous. Maybe find a valley where I can put two of them on either side, and place phaser turrets and things in the middle.

Next I'll go scout ahead and find some bad guys. I get them with some kind of area of effect weapon and then lead them though the valley. My officers will hit them from both sides with flank attacks while I and the phaser turrets light them up head on.

With my Sci, I'll heal them while they work or i'll keep a sci on hand with no waypoint set to heal. You can do a similar thing on inside maps using hallways. There are definitely tactics available if you no how to use them.

I would like to see a better waypoint and order system for my BO's though. It would be cool to be able to mark mutiple waypoints on the map and have them follow orders set for each waypoint. Maybe in the future?

On another note, if you think the Klingons are too tough, just wait till you meet the borg in Admiral levels. That was tough until I adjusted my tactics to fight them better. It really is all about tactics.

Archived Post 08-17-2010 08:01 AM

I have to agree that its all about the tactics. Although I routinely get my digital butt handed to me on elite, vs klingons advanced is awesome. Ground combat isn't just a first person shooter run through. You have to think and position your away team. You also have to choose your away team effectively. I have one captain who runs with two sci officers with medical tricorders and two tac officers. So play with your BOF skills and your away team selection. At higher levels when you have a good amount of bridge officers I tend to have a set of bridge officers and a set of away team officers. (most everyone probably does)

The times i have gotten killed repeatedly on advanced is when i had an easy encounter and charged ahead foregoing my tactics. Another reason to use tactics and position your Bofs is that they are rather dim. They run to attack some random person and in the process get too close to the next group or a patrol and aggro them . The application of tactics is another reason I love this game. What you do and how you do it matters.

The only times i have seen the enemy shoot through walls and objects is after they have already targeted me and started firing. The animation still shows as hittimg me even though I have moved around the wall. Ground combat does need some work but its great fun on advanced.:)

Archived Post 08-17-2010 09:53 PM

Space battles on Advanced are good.

But, the difficulty of ground missions on Advanced difficulty is too much. I don't really enjoy being constantly one-shotted by some anonymous ensign baddie every time I encounter a group. Not to mention that ONE of their photon grenades can wipe out EVERY turret I have at once. I've had my team completely killed off in under 4 seconds on multiple instances. You can't say that I'm just not 'doing it right' when something like that happens.

Cryptic really needs to fix the discrepancy between the difficulties in space/ground on Advanced. I'd play on Advanced more if the ground difficulty wasn't so out of proportion.

Archived Post 09-08-2010 02:42 AM

I had the opposite happen on Advanced;
I was playing an alt I think the mission was "Silencing the Signal." The first Klingon ships, I dispatched with no problem. I died once on the ground, but that was it (with Swordmasters, Targs and Handlers, etc.). However, when I returned to orbit to engage the Undine Dreadnaught alongside the Klingons, its shields would barely flicker. Not to mention the hordes of frigates that kept spawning. I died three times and eventually, the Klingons were wiped out and did not return, leaving me with all of these ships by myself. With tail tucked, I withdrew and dropped the mission.

As for the OPs issue, perhaps you are attacking first with an AOE weapon, such as a wide beam? This might cause every enemy you hit damaged to aggro on you. I would suggest to pause the instance for a few seconds and move your BOffs into flanking positions if possible and let them fire first. Might also equip an expose weapon for yourself and the exploit (AOE) weapons to your BOffs. It kind of hurts for me to say that because I am a fan of a good automatic weapon room sweep.

Archived Post 09-08-2010 02:52 AM

Most people
Sorry to say most people just do not know what they are doing. I clear them all the time. All you need is a little strategy and time.

Archived Post 03-01-2011 11:36 AM

I've only been ingame a few days and am now a new lt cmdr. Most games do have an imbalance and sometimes they can be fixed or you can tactically work around it. I've tried a lot of different tactics against the Klingons but have no turrets or any high tech stuff like that. But it is irritating that after killing ALL the targs that more just spring up out of the ground..............THAT is imbalance. Especially when the Swordmaster is almost gone and a targ comes nipping your ankles. It is very difficult to kill the targ handlers AND a Swordmaster when there are unlimited targs and you've killed off all the warriors. Even upgrading everything I can on the personal protection for the crew hasn't tipped that imbalance.

Live Long, Serve Well

zimm out

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