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Playing from bridge view
I was wondering if Cryptic might at some point in the future provide the ability for the Captain to play from the bridge perspective. I think it would be a cool option to fight from the Captains chair viewing the universe and battles from the bridge.

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You wouldn´t see much on the view screen. They would have to revamp the whole space combat to do that. Very unlikely. :)

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In Cryptic's offering of STO, you have one controllable avatar that has two main costumes - humanoid and ship.
The map you enter determines the form the avatar takes. If it's a ground map like a station, bridge or planet you see your humanoid-form-avatar. If it's a space map you see your ship-form-avatar. The game client reports your avatar status and tracking of it's movement to the shard.

So, the problem is how do you track your humanoid-form-avatar on a bridge map while at the same time your ship-form-avatar fights in a space battle or navigates the galaxy. How do you separate the control inputs for your humanoid-form-avatar from your ship-form-avatar. :)

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This aint Bridge Commander people...

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Bridge functionality and combat
I just had a bridge combat vision:

1. You are sitting on your bridge you select Red Alert
2. you ship walls and ceilling and floor become "cloak" transparent. (you can see space all around you)
3. you can select all of your powers from the bridge by clicking on your bridge officers at the bottom of your screen as current.
4. you can see all enemy ships moving around you and your targeting system is the same as the outward ship view. your mini map shows up on the view screen (transparently or in the upper right as always)
5. your movement control is the same as the outer view all your BOs are tapping there consoles.
6. you stand down from red alert your walls become solid again, and on you r main view screen a Star Fleet Admiral is hailing you, you put it on screen and your dialogue box is on the main viewer.
(all power remain at your custom settings in same location as the external bridge view. with an additional hide feature for items no wanted to view)
7. you click the helm panel and it brings up the map screen you set course for your next location, and on the view screen stars whizzing by until you reach you next system, then the prompt to enter a system comes up, you select to enter. The next instance show up on you r view screen and you can toggle your bridge control to the current tactical view point based on preference.

Archived Post 08-21-2010 06:49 PM

Although I don't think it's possible in Cryptics current design to have Bridge combat. Your idea is interesting picardalpha2clearance, but there are a few problems with having a floating bridge in the midst of space combat...

However, having increased Bridge use would be interesting. I know Cryptic are supposidly developing this already but I don't see why we can't discuss that here. More Diplomatic missions could be done via the Bridge and view screen...Scientific studies of anomolies...Does anyone know what they are planning to do with the Birdge?

Archived Post 08-21-2010 07:52 PM

I think the only thing they should do with the bridge is add some random viewscreen images.

Archived Post 08-21-2010 07:57 PM

The problem with realism in the world of online gaming is it takes away a lot from ease of play. Not only would this concept be very difficult for the Devs to accomplish but it would also make gameplay too difficult to be worth it.

Archived Post 08-21-2010 08:22 PM

I would also lilke to be able to Play from the Brdige view. At least when you are in open space!

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Originally Posted by AdmBora (Post 2969492)
I would also lilke to be able to Play from the Brdige view. At least when you are in open space!

Me too. I think most players agree that Sector space sucks, and is in need of scrapping.

What I see, instead of flying your ship in the third person, is that you are on your bridge and ship interior, while outside of a solar system or Combat map. And you navigate with the 2D top down sector space map, like we have now with mouse clicks. We would click on the system, planet, sector boarder or ship we want to travel to, select our speed, and the ship flies there.

Of course we have the problem that Pyryck mentioned. But I think that it could be worked around by having everybody who is traveling at Warp speed exist in their ship interior instance with warp star streaks on their view screen and windows, and their ship avatar is just a simple 2D green dot an their map.

Once you reach your destination, you come out of warp and load into the normal third person ship view.

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