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Star Trek: Darwin (new bi-weekly fan comic)
Star Trek: Darwin
by darren_kitlor

Latest Release: 02.07.2011 - Issue #5

February 7th

*You can download a high quality PDF in 150 dpi at GoogleDocs - the online viewer is considerably lower-res*

Series 1
  • (==| Issue #1: "Command Review - Part I" |==)
    Recently liberated from the Borg, Captain Jack Shepard's loyalties are in question - while the ship picks up a distress call on Moira III.

  • (==| Issue #2: "Command Review - Part II" |==)
    Ethical questions over what to do with the new passenger arise - ones that place Captain Shepard and her First Officer at odds.

  • (==| Issue #3: "Give Me Liberty and Death" |==)
    A fight erupts on Drozana Station between the Ship's Armory Chief and a Saurian Diplomat - setting back relations - and setting others up.

  • (==| Issue #4: "A Warm Place, Part I" |==)
    The Darwin disappears in the B'Tran Nebula - leaving Cmdr. Reynolds and Ens. Lerhoz stranded on an alien world. Now, they must fend for themselves in the wild.

  • (==| Issue #5: A Warm Place, pt. II now available |==)
    The crew of the Darwin must match wits with a Klingon Captain - before time runs out for their stranded shipmates.

  • Issue #6: "Frou-Frou"
    Spoilers: Captain Shepard must speak at a civilian Daystrom Institute Summit on Risa.

  • Issue #7: "Mother-Daughter"
    Spoilers: A clone of the Captain is found amongst a Borg Colony - with unsettling news about the direction their assimilation is taking.

  • Issue #8: Outliers
    Spoilers: Xenophobia rises within the Federation as planets see refugees arrive from neutral factions in Eti Eridani and frontier worlds in the B'Tran Nebula.

  • Issue #9: With God on Our Side
    Spoilers: A holy war between two species must be solved with Ens. Reisda (both host and symbiote) playing integral roles.

  • Issue #10: Angry Young Men
    Spoilers: Friendship grows between the Armory Chief and Saurian Envoy as they develop a holodeck program.

  • Issue #11: Suffrage
    Spoilers: The new navigator's rights are questioned by Starfleet Command - and a violent show of force by the Borg leads HQ to send the Darwin deeper into space.

  • Issue #12: A Little More Than Kin...
    Spoilers: Commander Reynolds awaits execution for a crime long since forgotten amongst many Federation planets.

--- notes ---
I'll try to do this on a bi-weekly basis - as long as interest holds. I have a good idea of where I want overall narrative arc to go - despite this being a work-in-progress.

The quote on Issue #1, page 3 is from Dostoevsky. For space reasons, I omitted the name to conserve space.

I've never written a comic outside of doodles in class. It's a challenging medium to work in. You have the careful attention to language, the space considerations, and the need for strong visual-thinking.

This is a challenge as I come from a published-writing background - with few visual arts skills outside of computers.

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This was very enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

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Originally Posted by -Topher-
This was very enjoyable. Thanks for posting.


I hope to have a new issue up shortly - and longer too! I wanted just a little teaser to generate interest (which motivates me to work on another in turn).

EDIT: I'm working on posting the rough sentence outlines of each episode for the first season - with spoilers before their release date. First Season should be 12 episodes. Release dates depending on a number of factors, including college.

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The titles are up for change. I tried to make them feel Trekish - even though there are some allusions to everything from Shakespeare to Bob Dylan amongst them.

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Speaking of speaking, one bubble I had a hard time reading. "I beam down in five minutes." Shouldn't there be a "will" in there? Just a thought.

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Originally Posted by Stormstryke
Speaking of speaking, one bubble I had a hard time reading. "I beam down in five minutes." Shouldn't there be a "will" in there? Just a thought.

I'll consider adding it. I realize that my "short-hand" speak from the Marines doesn't carry over well to the civilian sector. :D

Also, if I feel proud enough, I'll put together a print-quality version suitable for proper page binding.

Right now, the goal is around 4-7 pages per issue (not too long - enough to not wear out a welcome each week). That's anywhere from 48-84 pages toward the end plus credits and thanks to Cryptic.

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Originally Posted by Stormstryke
Speaking of speaking, one bubble I had a hard time reading. "I beam down in five minutes." Shouldn't there be a "will" in there? Just a thought.

I beam down in five minutes
I leave in five

meh made sense to me. *shrug*

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Subscribed! :D

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Originally Posted by LordOfPit (Post 2976675)
Subscribed! :D

Silly goose, turn on auto sub. :p

Great issue Darren. Can't wait until the next one. No really, can't wait *shoulders a wiffle ball bat* Chop chop :D

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This shows a lot of promise! Thank you for posting it!

I look forward to the next issue.

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