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UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG
We are a community of people who love writing and Star Trek. We've been together as a group since June of 1994 and have enjoyed years of simming under a highly trained command staff. Our group offers an extensive and complete training course upon acceptance that will acclimatize you to our rules and ways of simming. We also offer a very active forum, an online database to organize your character's information, and of course, a ship to suit your simming style. If you want to learn more, just head to our website and check out the "Prospective Members Tour" on our home page. We'd love to have you join our group -- see you soon!

UFOP: StarBase 118

Archived Post 09-11-2010 07:02 AM

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Roxann Dawson (a.k.a. B'Elanna Torres)!

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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Walter Koenig (a.k.a. Pavel Chekov)!

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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Tom Hardy (a.k.a. Shinzon)!

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Massive battle
A massive battle at Deep Space station 17 is ongoing at this very moment. To learn more about the station, go to, and to learn more about how this adventure takes place, go to

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Epic battle/story
Federation - 1/ Vaadwaur - 0. It was an epic battle. It was also an epic story. In the end, the Federation offered a dying race the chance to rebuild. You can read about it at, and to learn more about StarBase 118, check out our home page at

Archived Post 09-23-2010 09:50 AM

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Rosalind Chao (a.k.a. Keiko OíBrien)!

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Archived Post 09-26-2010 08:09 AM

23 years ago today...
the Star Trek: The Next Generation pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint" aired, and the series continued for 7 seasons and 178 episodes.

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Archived Post 10-01-2010 09:46 AM

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Stephen Collins (a.k.a. Commander Will Decker)!

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Archived Post 10-01-2010 10:08 AM

Unum's personal log, Stardate 238709.30
Unumís Personal log, Stardate 238709.30:

Iíve waited for this opportunity for quite a while now. Talon and I have been separated for months, and we now have the opportunity for some alone time away from a starship. Planet T8A looked like the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Itís secluded, and a itís virtual paradise. The first night on T8A, also known as Planeta Del Amor, was romantic and peaceful. The next morning, we awoke to the sound of the waterfall at Kassaís Pool nearby, and then we walked toward our spacecraft several meters away for supplies. When arrived at the landing spot, we found that the craft had been partially devoured. Devoured was the appropriate word because the metal had been stripped from the craft, and hardly anything was left of it. When we returned to our campsite, we found it ransacked. Weíre on the run now, with no supplies, and no idea what awaits us until help arrives.

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