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Archived Post 08-30-2010 03:56 PM

Making my own Master System Display
Hey, all. I was oggling my ship in STO, which I seem to do a lot (it's really purdy on my desktop), and got to thinking about how cool it'd be if I could make an okudagram of it like you always saw of the different ships in the shows. However, I'm not 100% sure how I could go about it, what sort of tools and methods would be best, etc. So, perhaps you fine folks might have some insights or suggestions, or know where there's a guide online (I've seen quite a few custom ones on the web already) that might help me get it started. Thanks!

Fun fact: I've seen the okudagram of the Enterprise D in person (the one that you always saw in main engineering). While on a TV you can't make out much of the details, looking at it up close in person revealed that some of the little icons scattered across the ship included things like a car, a biplane, a rubber ducky, and an ice cream cone.

Archived Post 08-31-2010 03:47 PM

I love Okudagrams, or at least, their appearance and flow. When I put together the LCARS for our fleets introduction flash and various other internal flash elements, I found the following very helpful;

1 - This website is perfect for everything Okuda, a case study if you will;

2 - Adobe Flash and Fireworks are my preferred choices when it comes to LCARs design, it offers vertex design and such for that area. If you want some examples of application, just visit the fleet link in my sig, no commitment required, just have a peek at the Intro flash and the Astrometrics option on the nav bar on the left, which also shows some more LCARS in a different kinda application.

Hope this helps you out.

Archived Post 08-31-2010 07:34 PM

It does a little, thanks!

Though I realize now I made a mistake in my terminology. What I meant to say that I'm trying to make is one of those Master System Display thingies of my STO ship, ala the giant one on the wall in Engineering of TNG I mentioned before, or like

Obviously that's a little more complex than a generic okudagram, and hence the source of my quandry in figuring out how to even begin doing that. I'm wondering if I can take a picture of my ship from in STO from the side, and perhaps Photoshop it from there, filling it in first with blank parts and then drawing the decks on top, or drawing it from scratch while using the screenshot as a sort of guideline underneath it. Unfortunately, I have essentially no experience when it comes to using Flash from the design side, so I dunno how well it'd work out there.

Archived Post 09-02-2010 02:59 AM

what you suggest, of screenshot of the side of the ship, and then outlining the shape etc from there is a good plan, what you need to ensure of course is adjust the image to "flatten" it, as opposed to an isometric 3D view.

Flash is the "best" option to make it interactive, but not necessary at all for a simple static or simple animated image.

Archived Post 09-02-2010 09:13 AM

Another tricky thing is going to be the warp nacelles, because they block part of the hull from a profile view. I noticed Voyager's MSD has the nacelle detached and moved away a little bit, I guess I can do that as well.

For reference, this is what my ship looks like in profile (basically an Advanced Escort with the nacelles very close to the hull). I get the feeling this is going to take a while to make, heh. But should be worth it. :D

Archived Post 09-02-2010 09:25 AM

The quick & easy method would be to adapt a promtehus one...

Archived Post 09-02-2010 11:31 AM

That could be something too, though I'd obviously need a far larger copy than that. Let's see if I can find anything on Google...


And nope. Largest I can find is barely 1000 pixels wide, which is still bloody tiny. Guess I'm on my own, though that can probably still serve as a decent reference.

Archived Post 09-03-2010 08:49 PM

Well, looks like I'll really need that tutorial after all. Time to start cranking out the LCARS interface part of the schematic. I took some angled pictures (top, side, and front) of my ship and spent some time cleaning them up to just make a sort of poster of it with the specs on it as a simplified version, when I mentioned it to a friend of mine who's big into the technical aspects of stuff like sci-fi starships, and he started cranking out the MSD on his own. So now we're collaborating on it (Him doing the bulk of the MSD stuff, me doing research and comparative analysis with canon MSDs to figure out both what SHOULD be on my MSD and a logical organization for it). Been having some rather interesting discussions trying to figure out a workable arrangement for the ship, just going off of pictures of it from the outside and the few bits we can see on the inside: how big the warp core should be, the size and layout of the shuttlebay (we actually came up with a cool idea for that one), the position of the bridge, etc.

So, in the meantime, now I'm trying to get the LCARS part done, and finding it to be a bit trickier than I was expecting with the curved parts, heh. Guess I need some practice. :D

Archived Post 09-04-2010 03:55 AM

Haha, the best way I found when it comes to the curved LCARS is use 2 boxes/rectangles and one circle, cut 3/4 of the circle off, and the end of each box, then attach vertices as necessary.

Archived Post 09-04-2010 07:31 AM

I think I can get it the way the tutorial was explaining, just need some practice. Would be nice if they explained things a little more.

One surprising thing that's happened is figuring out how many decks there are to the ship. Given the crew compliment, purpose, and approximate size relative to a Prometheus-class, I'd have figured my ship to be 15-16 decks as well. But, measuring it out based on the actual in-game model, the size of windows, and such, we initially came up with 24 decks at standard corridor height (rather than the in-game scale). After some tweaking/condensing, we've got it at 19 decks now, and might be able to shave off one or two, but it's still going to mean this ship is actually taller than a Prometheus (but a little shorter length-wise), and significantly larger than Voyager (one of our other main references) by about six or seven decks and 60 meters.

Yeah, we're having a lot of nerdy fun with this. :D

EDIT: Also, is the current progress if you wanna take a look.

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