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Archived Post 09-01-2010 07:50 PM

No directional lighting in ship editor
•Lighting has been adjusted in the Ship Editor.

I've seen that multiple times the lighting in the ship editor has been "adjusted". How about just not having directional lighting?

I'm not gonna lie, it is pretty sweet checking out my ship as if it was in space, with the shadows and such. Maybe there should be an option to turn on a light source? But when I'm trying to check out every little detail on each ship part, deciding if I want it or not, the shadows are getting in my way. If I don't have the piece in question angled exactly 42 degrees off starboard, 47 degrees azimuth, with a 12 degree yaw, I can't see the awesome detail that they have.

I'm pretty sure when car designers are desing a new body, they don't have just one light source off in the corner of their lab.:D

Ne thoughts?

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