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Archived Post 09-03-2010 04:14 AM

corrupted video on an ati 3870x2
I am having a corrupted video and not sure what is causing the problem. I have reinstalled STO and also reinstalled my ati drivers from Alienware. Earlier in the day it was working fine and then boom they turned to this. I have been playing for months on the same drivers without so much as a hitch and now this.
As a test I went and ran 3dmark 05 and 06 which came up just fine. I also have Lord of the Rings installed and I was able to play it just fine with no corrupted video. I even went as far to try windowed mode, I turned v-sync on which was not.
My fear is that I may have burnt up a card. But here is what gets me, I uninstalled the ati drivers completely and logged in and the video was normal. It wasn't as sharp as it normally is but it did work. Well here's the link to see my screenshot. Also the Laptop is an Alienware M17

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Just after posting I logged in to Lord of the Rings online in DX10 and took a screenshot to show it was working. Here is the link

Archived Post 09-03-2010 04:26 PM

Problem fixed. Keep in mind the problem existed before any changes were made to the system. Problem was either a driver or registry entry.
It didn't go away with a uninstall or reinstall of the latest ATI Catalyst drivers 10.8. Reason was the uninstaller was not removing everything. Drivers and Registry entries were still there for Vista to see.
To Resolve this problem used "Driver Sweeper". It goes in and removes those things that the uninstaller leaves behind.
Once this is complete, Reboot the system, then install the lastest Catalyst drivers for your card.

For those of you with ATI Mobility cards, the 10.8 drivers work and also removes the message about old drivers.

Here is the link for Driver Sweeper

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