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Archived Post 09-06-2010 04:56 AM

Small People
Is anyone else a bit fet up of what seems like umper lumpers sized people in PVP's. With the size that is so small it is hard to see or focus on, add to that the speed that they all seem to run makes it very hard to fight them.
The game only has around a foot to play with but in game this seems to be magnified with small people below my waist and large people almost me at theirs.

I just get so frustrated playing a nice PVP and a umper lumper runs past me hides and then starts flanking me. Try hitting (once found by altering camera angle) they run past again and I loose them again.

Okay rant over.


Archived Post 09-06-2010 05:14 AM

I don't do ground pvp very much, but i know what you mean.

There used to be loads of peeps with names copying the turets and junks dropped by engineers too. Like "Phaser turret" etc. those were the worst.

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